Advanced Studies in Counseling: Couples and
Family Therapy Letter of Completion

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CNS 528 Assessment from a Family Systems Perspective
This course is not intended to explore psychometric theory but rather to introduce students to contemporary models and strategies for integrating appropriate assessment measures into work with children, couples and families. Diagnostic, evaluative and treatment assessment paradigms will be explored as they pertain to family systems based counseling. Current controversies about assessment in family systems counseling will be discussed.

CNS 527 Models & Techniques in Couples, Marital, & Family Therapy
This course covers the major models used in couples, marital and family therapy. In conjunction with review of these theories will be a focus on effective use of the specific techniques that accompany each model. Particular attention will be given to the role of the family therapist in each model. Ethical and cultural implications will be reviewed.

CNS 526 Brief Therapy for Marital, Family, & Couples Counseling
This course provides an overview of the knowledge needed to use brief therapy as a lens for systemic interventions. The primary focus is on the integration of the techniques and theoretical underpinnings necessary to effectively and efficiently create change in systems using a brief model. Particular attention is given to knowledge and awareness of the role of brief therapist.

CNS 529 Systemic Counseling with Individuals, Couples, & Families
This course is designed to aid students in gaining experience and competency in the use of therapeutic interventions with marital dyads, couples, and family systems. Emphasis is on the student's understanding of prominent theoretical modalities and applying the relevent techniques to classroom simulations and case studies. Students will acquire both understanding and experience in dealing therapeutically with typical marital, couple and family problematic concerns.

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