After You've Registered for an Online Class ...

After you’ve registered for an online class, complete the following steps to help you start class on time and to be successful:

Step 1: Obtain Your Textbooks

It is students’ responsibility to obtain and have the appropriate textbooks prior to the start of class. Textbook information can be obtained from Shippensburg University’s Bookstore.

Step 2: Access Your Ship Email Account

Access your Shippensburg University email account by following the directions at

Step 3: D2L Platform Requirements and System Check

Review the D2L Platform Requirements at, and complete a system check on your computer at

Step 4: D2L Orientation

Complete the Desire2Learn (D2L) Student Orientation at

Step 5: Login to Your Online Classroom

Login to your online classroom in D2L no later than the first day of the class.