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Post Bachelor’s Graduate Certificate (and Pre-MBA preparation)

Advanced Studies in Business

Course Information & Schedule

Program Delivery

        To be 20-credit certificate program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals and can be completed in one year. The program is offered completely online allowing for flexibility and convenience in completing coursework.

        Each course will be:

        • 4 credits
        • Limited to 25 students
        • 100 percent online
        • Offered at least once each calendar year so student can easily complete the certificate in one year.

        Schedule of Courses

        Dates are tentative and subject to change. However, every effort will be made to offer the courses on the dates indicated.

        Winter 2013 BSN 511 Business Operations and Analysis
        Spring 2014 BSN 513 Organizational Behavior and Marketing
        TBD BSN 512 Essentials of Accounting and Finance
        TBD BSN 514 Strategic Management and Leadership
        TBD BSN 510 Economic and Information Systems Environment

        *No class Thanksgiving Thursday. Two weeks off for Christmas and New Year's, and two weeks off at Labor Day (August-September)

        Course Descriptions (4 credits each)

        BSN 510 Economic and Information Systems Environment
        Introduction to macroeconomic and microeconomic principles with an emphasis to applications to modern business problems. Major topics include supply and demand, consumer behavior, theory of the firm, market structure and competition, monetary and fiscal policy, and international trade. The role of information technology in business environment is also discussed, including such topics as doing business on the Internet, database management, client-server networks, information security, and software tools such as Excel.

        BSN 511 Business Operations and Analysis
        Explores the responsibilities and processes needed for a business to provide a product or service to customers. Case studies and real-world examples are used extensively to investigate the problems encountered in these business operations. Quantitative and non-quantitative methods and models are used in the analysis of topical subject areas such as forecasting, capacity planning, materials management, scheduling, and quality control.

        BSN 512 Essentials of Accounting and Finance
        Introduces the basics of financial accounting and financial management. The accounting concepts, practices, and principles that guide the preparation of the balance sheet, income statement, and the statement of cash flows are all presented. Financial management concepts and techniques are used to evaluate the financial performance of the firm. Topics include financial statement analysis, working capital management, and capital budgeting. Emphasis is placed on the interpretation and limitations of financial reports and their use in evaluating the performance of the firm.

        BSN 513 Organizational Behavior and Marketing
        The organizational behavior component examines human behavior in organizations and considers the practical skills managers need to motivate peers and subordinates, make decisions, deal with conflict, and succeed in a team-based environment. The marketing component examines marketing planning, marketing research, buyer behavior, market segmentation and targeting, as well as the key elements of a marketing strategy.

        BSN 514 Strategic Management and Leadership
        Explores strategic vision and direction. The importance of achieving a fit between the internal and external environment for organizational survival and success is a central issue. The strategic concepts of competitive advantage, strategy formulation and implementation, power and influence, organizational change, and leader-follower-situation dynamics will be addressed. Case studies, business articles and text material will be used to examine strategy and leadership theory, heuristics, and practice.

        MBA Option

        Option to transfer to MBA Program:

        • BSN 510, 511, 512, and 513 may be used to satisfy MBA prerequisite/foundatio requirements at Shippensburg University.
        • Application to the MBA Program must be made no later than the completion of 12 credits.
        • Visit www.ship.edu/MBAfor current admissions requirements for the MBA program.