Earn a Bachelor's in Social Work in Harrisburg

Shippensburg University's Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program helps you develop social work knowledge, skills and values that build on the general education curriculum. is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and gives students the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree in Social Work (BSW) at their own convenience.

We offer this award-winning cohort at our off-campus location at the Dixon University Center in Harrisburg. Our dedicated faculty and staff aim to deliver courses in a personalized environment, which is why we keep our classroom to a maximum of 25 students. See why studying Social Work at Ship is a rewarding program.

BSW Cohort Information

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Admissions Requirements 

Students must have an associate degree or at least 48 transferable credits (60 credits preferred) with a minimum 2.40 GPA from all work previously completed at regionally accredited institutions. 

Students must have completed the following courses (either at Shippensburg University or another regionally accredited institution) prior to starting the cohort. The BSW Cohort provides social work courses required to complete a BSW degree. Students must take all other required credits, including general education courses and electives at Ship's main campus or other accredited institutions, such as HACC, which offer courses equivalent to Shippensburg courses.   Please see course equivalents below: 

  • SWK 102 Social Work in Social Welfare (HACC course equivalent  = HUMS 120) 
  • SWK 250 Assessing Individuals in the Social Environment (HACC course equivalent = HUMS 206) 
  • SWK 265  Understanding Diversity for Social Work Practice  (HACC course equivalent  = SOC 205)
  • College level statistics course   Please note: If you take PSYC 241, it does not count toward completion of the math general education requirements. (HACC course equivalent = MATH 202 or PSYC 241).
  • PLS 100: US Government & Politics must be completed before Spring semester 2018 (HACC course equivalent = GP 201 or GP 203) 

For information about fees, other tuition rates, and payments visit Student Accounts.


Class Registration 

Admitted & Returning Students for Credit Course

Individuals who are admitted or current students who wish to take classes from Shippensburg University for credit, register for classes at: https://ssb.ship.edu/prod/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin

To login in at this site you will need your official Shippensburg University email address and email password. If you do not know your Ship email address and/or password, get assistance from SU Helpdesk

Find more information about Banner Registration Instructions

Tuition & Financial Aid

Information about tuition, fees, paying your bill, and the refund and withdraw policies are posted at: http://www.ship.edu/Student_Accounts

If you are receiving financial assistance from your employer to pay your tuition and/or fees, please be sure to review and complete the necessary form at: https://www.ship.edu/Student_Accounts/Forms

How to Apply

You may apply online at http://www.ship.edu/admissions/apply/  Select Undergraduate Application.  In Section 8, the additional information in the general information / essay block, please indicate that you are interested in BSW Cohort Harrisburg.  

Application Deadline

  • The admissions deadline is April 1, 2016. Students will be notified if they are accepted by May 1, 2016.
  • Maximum capacity is 25 students. A minimum of 20 students will be required to begin this cohort in Harrisburg. Students will be notified after May 1, 2016 if minimum enrollment has been met.  

For information about fees, other tuition rates, and payments visit Student Accounts.

Status of admissions application & transcript reviews 

Damian Morales 
Asst. Dean of Admission/Transfer Coordinator
Office of Admissions 
717.477.1231 or 1.800.822.8028 

Program questions & academic advising  

Dr. Liz Fisher
Professor, Department of Social Work & Gerontology
BSW Cohort in Harrisburg Program Coordinator

Financial Aid Questions 

Eric Dinsmore 
Associate Director, Financial Aid 

General questions 

Dr. Carolyn Callaghan 
Assoc. Dean, Office of Professional, Continuing & Distance Education 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Harrisburg BSW Degree Completion Program 

Do I need to attend orientation in June? If not, will there be a separate orientation for the cohort?
No, you do not need to attend the main campus orientation in June. We will have a separate cohort orientation sometime this summer once we have confirmed that there are enough students to begin the cohort. You may receive communication from the university about the main campus orientation, but it does not apply to the off campus cohort. 

When will I schedule my courses?
You will be scheduled for your SU social work courses as soon as we can confirm that we have enough students to start the program. You can schedule your HACC courses as soon as you are able. If you would like advice about which HACC courses to schedule, please contact your academic advisor, Dr. Liz Fisher, eafish@ship.edu

Who should I contact about scheduling my courses? 
Contact the BSW Program Director, Dr. Liz Fisher, eafish@ship.edu

How do I know which books I'll need for classes?
You can find textbook information through the university bookstore: http://www.bkstr.com/shippensburgstore/shop/textbooks-and-course-materials

What do I need to do in order to take courses at HACC and Ship at the same time?
If you plan to use financial aid to pay for HACC classes, you need to contact Dr. Liz Fisher, BSW Program Director, eafish@ship.edu and let her know which courses you have registered for at HACC. Then Dr. Fisher submits a form to the SU financial aid office so that your aid can be processed for the combined number of credits between both schools.  HACC requires their bill to be paid by the due date or you may contact their Student Accounts office to inquire about payment arrangements. You will need to have your HACC transcript sent to SU as soon as grades are available from the class(es) you are taking so that the courses show up on your SU transcript. 

When will the courses start for the Fall semester?
The cohort follows the same schedule as main campus so classes begin the week of August 29. For SU Academic Year calendars, please visit http://www.ship.edu/Provost/Academic_Year_Calendar/ 

Dr. Liz Fisher, BSW Program Director, serves as academic advisor to all cohort students. eafish@ship.edu or (717) 477-1365 

How much will each course cost? 
Tuition and fees have yet to be set for the upcoming academic year. The following information includes the 2015-2016 rates. 

2015-2016 Cohort Tuition
$294 per credit in tuition plus the following fees per credit:
•         Educational Services Fee           $31
•         Technology Tuition                      $19
•         Off Campus Activity Fee             $10

This would bring the total per credit to $354 = $1062 for a 3 credit course