Parents FAQs

This page contains parents' frequently asked questions from various sources on and off campus. If you have a question that isn't answered here or would like to comment on information that should be provided here, please send email to


Academic Policies

Where are the official University policies available?

The official academic policies are available in the college catalog [online catalog]. The college catalog is revised every two years. However, "you will be subject to the academic policies in effect during the semester you matriculate." You are matriculated in the semester for which you register and start a degree seeking program. Essentially, the policies are effective according to the year and semester you were admitted.

When are grades issued and where are they sent?

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, commonly known as the Buckley Amendment, students are provided with privacy safeguards of their educational records. The University issues reports of progress including grades, written evaluations, and letters of warning directly to the student. You may have access to all information pertaining to your educational records and academic status. During your freshman year, you will also receive early warning reports. These reports, which do not become part of your academic record, are intended to warn you about classes which you are in danger of failing. The early warning report notification is emailed to your university email account and mailed to your permanent address. Certain groups of students will continue to receive these reports after their freshman year. Students can view their grades online at the student services intranet site

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Campus Safety

Where is information about campus safety located?

Information about campus safety and security can be found on the Office of Public Safety website.

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Computer / Information Systems

How can students access the Internet through Shippensburg University?

Information about student internet access, in addition to other computer related questions, can be found at

Does SU offer free Email and web pages to students?

Yes, SU offers Email and web page services to students through the university web server.

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Directions and Maps

Are good maps and directions to campus available online?

Yes, directions and maps to Shippensburg University will make getting to town easier. A campus map will help you navigate your way around campus once you arrive.

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Drug and Alcohol Policy

What are University rules that govern the use of alcohol and drugs?

Policies on student conduct are outlined in detail in the publication called Swataney, which is available online at HERE. Elements of the campus drug, alcohol, and gambling policies are outlined below.

  • Alcohol , Illegal Drugs, and Gambling*
  • No person shall provide alcohol to minors, sell alcohol, or serve alcohol from a common source. No person shall consume, possess, or be in the presence of alcoholic beverages on the campus, despite his or her age.
  • No person shall manufacture, distribute, sell, exchange, use, offer to sell, be in the presence of, or possess illegal drugs, narcotics, or drug paraphernalia. Illegal drugs are defined by state and federal statutes.
  • No person shall engage in any gambling activities except as authorized by state and federal law.
  • * All alcoholic beverages will be confiscated and disposed of by University staff. Items such as kegs, taps, and beer bongs will be given to the University Police. Any funds gained from the return of these items (e.g., deposit) will be donated to the Shippensburg University Foundation, designated for the University Library.
  • * All drugs and drug paraphernalia will be confiscated and given to the University Police. The police may further investigate the situation, resulting potentially in legal charges being filed.

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Parking on Campus

Where can I find information about campus driving and parking regulations?

An FAQ of the University parking rules and regulations is available online and a copy will be issued to each eligible person when he or she registers his or her vehicle with the University Police. All vehicles must be registered with the Police. Vehicles registered and operated by resident freshman and sophomore students will be permitted to park in storage parking facilities only. No exceptions will be made.

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Visiting Town - Lodging

Where can I find information about lodging in the Shippensburg area?

Shippensburg has a number of nice places to stay when you are visiting the area. The list below should be helpful in securing comfortable lodging in the area. The University Admissions Office maintains a list of lodging at : /admiss/lodging.html

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