Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation plans are posted in all academic buildings on every floor and on every residence hall room's interior door in all Residence Hall rooms. The campus community is encouraged to become familiar with these plans in the event of an emergency evacuation. The evacuation notification may be mechanical (fire alarm system) or verbal (Police or emergency personnel). Upon notification, proceed to the nearest stair tower to exit the building (do not use elevators). Once outside of the structure, move away from the entrances to allow emergency personnel to gain access. Public Safety will instruct you where to go (alternate facility, Re-entry) Never re-enter a structure without approval from emergency services personnel (SUPD, fire services)
In the event of an outside danger or hazard, (weather, hazmat, human threat) building occupants may be instructed to shelter in place. Public Safety will provide notification to the affected building(s) and provide instruction of what measures to take (move to a lower level, lock door and stay in classroom/office).

Persons with Disabilities Evacuation Procedures

Persons with special needs should become familiar with the building evacuation plans. Procedures for academic buildings require the individual to go to the nearest stair tower and wait for assistance (faculty should stay with student until relieved by emergency personnel) If you have a cell phone, call Police at 477-1444 and give them your location in the building. Residence Hall procedures are similar. Go to the nearest designated stair tower and wait for assistance from the residence life staff. If you have a cell phone, call Police at 477-1444 and give them your location in the building. If you are not able to go to a stair tower, call Police from your room and give them your location. Wait until help arrives (residence staff or public safety) to assist you with exiting the building.

Testing of Emergency Procedures and Evacuation

Emergency evacuations are practiced annually, (fall semester) in all academic buildings. Systems are exercised monthly to assure system integrity for emergency conditions. (evacuations are not done at these times)Residence Halls perform monthly (three per semester) evacuation drills and record any problems during the evacuation.


You may now pay your parking tickets online.  Faculty, staff and students who will be parking vehicles on campus will be required to register those vehicles for parking decals online.

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