Public Administration Minor - 18 Credits

Required (9 crs.)

  • PLS100 U.S. Government & Politics
    • Provides a foundation for understanding the philosophical heritage, constitutional principles, civil rights and liberties, and the formal and informal institutions that form the U.S. government. Focuses on the political factors and dynamics of democracy, the Constitution, political parties, interest groups, the media, elections, and the branches of U.S. government.
  • PLS271 Introduction to Public Administration
    • Basic introductory course in the field of management in governmental offices; includesorganization of executive offices, controls over administration, budgeting and personnel procedures, and methods to achieve administrative objectives. Prerequisite: PLS100 or permission of instructor.
  • PLS300 Advanced U.S. Government: Institutions & Public Policy
    • In-depth description of the structure, functions, and public policy making involvement of U.S. governmental institutions. Focuses on the legislative, executive, administrative, and judicial institutions and process, the impact of interest groups, political parties, public opinion, and federalism. Examines the policy-making process, both in general and with reference to specific types of public policies. Prerequisite: PLS100.

Public Administration Electives (6 crs.)

  • PLS231 State & Local Government
    • Study of the organization and functions of government at the state, county, township, and city levels. State-local and national-local relations are stressed. Prerequisite: PLS100 or permission of instructor.
  • PLS371 Public Management
    • Studies the principles and functions of public managers. Course will cover traditional as well as new patterns of organization theory and management and the fundamentals and theory of planning. Prerequisite: PLS271 or permission of instructor.
  • PLS372 Public Personnel Administration
    • Studies the development and functions of public personnel administration. The roles of the various levels of management in the development and implementation of personnel policy and administration will be covered as well as those of the functional specialist. Impact of American culture and public policy upon public personnel administration will also be emphasized. Prerequisite: PLS271 or permission of instructor.
  • PLS373 Public Financial Administration
    • Deals with fiscal policy determination, accountability, and management of financial resources. Administrative and the political aspects of the budgetary process will be covered. Appropriate references will be made to the impact of federal programs upon state and local governments and the fiscal relations existing between various levels of government. Prerequisite: PLS271 or permission of instructor.
  • PLS374 Public Service Ethics
    • Explores the historical and specific contemporary issues concerning ethics in the public sector. Ethical problems and their relationship to politics will be surveyed. Course will emphasize ethical questions encountered by individuals who enter public service and will evaluate attempts to enforce ethical conduct among public servants by statutes and codes of conduct. Prerequisite: Nine hours in political science or permission of instructor.PHL105 and/orPHL210 recommended.

Elective (3 crs.)

Students must select one public administration/political science course to fulfill this requirement.