Dear Distinguished Member of the Class of 2011:

Welcome to Shippensburg University and the SHIP family! You are about to embark on an exciting journey that will shape and change your educational, professional, and personal life. After you have completed your academic program, you will have a great number of achievements and success to look back on with pride, maybe the most important of which will be your Shippensburg University degree.

Shippensburg University has been serving the academic and Central Valley of Pennsylvania community for 136 years. Every year, a new generation of "professionals-in-training" will enter this great institution even as the previous generation leaves to open the leadership doors to their futures as teachers, scientists, accountants, doctors, lawyers, and business and community leaders. When they graduate, our students have one of the finest well-rounded educations and the confidence and courage they need to succeed.

The Ship family is composed of students, faculty, staff professionals and administrators, all of whom are ready, willing, and able to support and challenge you and assist you in meeting your goals and dreams. As a Shippensburg student, you will learn from experienced professors who in many instances will become life-long mentors and even friends. You will also meet a dedicated group of staff professionals and administrators who are willing to assist and help you with your needs both inside and outside of the classroom.

Over the next few years, this campus will continue to undergo many changes and improvements to enhance your educational experience. A completed Student Recreation Center, renovation of the Reisner Dining Facility, the Luhrs Performing Arts Center, renovation of our Dauphin Humanities Center, changes to our student residence facilities, renovation of the Library, athletic facilities, and additional classroom buildings, and continued enhancement of technological capacities are just a few of the changes that you will notice while you are a student at Ship. These changes are all designed to enhance your academic and co-curricular success.

Attending Shippensburg University is your chance to challenge yourself both academically and personally. We sincerely hope that you will use this opportunity to not only learn about your respective field of student, but to take advantage of the nearly 200 student organizations on campus that can give you hands-on experience in your field. Your leadership, scholarship, partnership, and friendship development over the next few years will be a result of what your put into this great education experience.

I know that the time you will spend with us is going to be enjoyable and successful. It will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Best wishes and welcome to the Ship family!



William N. Ruud, Ph.D.