Dauphin Humanities Center Ribbon Cutting

Thank you Barbara and good morning everyone.

Yesterday I had the privilege of helping new students join the Shippensburg family. Approximately 1,700 first-year students fresh from high school and about 400 transfer students moved onto campus and/or began participating in the various orientation programs.

When new students arrive and upper-division students return, those events mark the beginning of the academic year and this year we are excited that we are also able to mark the occasion with the opening of a newly-renovated Dauphin Humanities Center.

Shippensburg has a well-deserved reputation for its academic programs that couple the skills, talents and commitment of an outstanding faculty with the programs and facilities our students want and need. This building is an example of the university's ability to provide updated and modern facilities that allow faculty to do what they do best -- teach and mentor -- while providing them the support they need to accomplish that goal.

We believe strongly in a living-learning concept, one that acknowledges the work done in the classroom with the out-of-classroom and co-curricular efforts campus-wide that result in our students receiving an education of excellence and one that is among the best in the region.

Students and faculty who use this building will find it is more amenable to sharing learning opportunities, to gather inside and outside of the classroom, and to continue to make the educational process the heart of Shippensburg. The 4,600 square feet added to the building will enhance that process, as will the complete renovation work done in the remainder of the building. Total cost of the project was a little more than nine million dollars, and it is worth every cent.

I also want to thank the various groups involved in the entire process that resulted in today's opening. Thank you to the entire faculty involved in planning the building and who were displaced during the work. Thank you to the dean's office of the College of Arts and Sciences for its leadership. Thank you to the many people in our facilities management and planning operation who spent countless hours making sure the facility meets the expectations of both students and faculty. Thank you to the contractors who did a magnificent job and made this facility one that will serve the university well for many years to come. And thank you to the students who also spent time walking around campus to their various classes.

With this opening, the offices of our three college deans are now in the heart of campus. Students in the college of Arts and Sciences will no longer have to walk to Old Main to talk with the dean or others. Moving the dean's office now brings it even closer to the students and encourages them to visit and take advantage of the office's many services.

This building is just one of the many projects we have either started or is scheduled as part of what I know will be an exciting future for the university. Please wander through the building today and in the coming weeks, see what a great job everyone did and share my optimism about this great place we are privileged to serve.

Thank you.