Media Reception Remarks - April 18, 2009

Thank you for inviting me and allowing me to present a few remarks. I could have sent each of you a Twitter, but I thought I would rather talk with you face to face.

Thank you for an outstanding year. It has been, as always, a very busy year on campus and as members of the campus media you have each played an important role in keeping everyone informed and well aware of all that has happened. From broadcasting athletic events, to covering a vice presidential candidate to reporting on who won the Student Senate elections, you have been the conduits of information we all need.

This has also been a year of even more change in communications. I mentioned Twitter which is one of our latest and hottest tools, but then maybe it has already been overtaken by something else. The ability to communicate instantaneously both on and off campus is a tremendous opportunity for you, as well as a great responsibility to ensure that what you do is accurate and appropriate.

The founders of our nation knew full well the importance of the media. That's why it is in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Now, I admit they could not have known how the press, as they called it at the time, would evolve into the technological and social marvel it has become. I think though they would be proud to know that freedom of the press continue as a hallmark of our nation, and that with new technologies that freedom has expanded to others so they can also participate in that right.

In a few short weeks, some of you will graduate and, I hope, as you do, that you will find a job in your respective mediums. Those of you, who will return next year, will start the 2009-2010 academic year with a renewed energy and dedication to your craft.

Thank you again for inviting me and thank you for all you have done and will do for Ship.