Summer Temperature Management

Earlier this semester, a committee of representatives from all campus work constituencies met and discussed the possibility of going to a four-day work week in an effort to save money on utility costs as we cope with budgetary reductions.

While that schedule is not feasible now, an alternative was presented that will allow us to more effectively use our facilities by consolidating academic, camps and conferences, and other such group activities to fewer buildings resulting in saving as much as $25,000 in utility costs.

This summer, those programs will be housed first in Shippen Hall, with additional space in Franklin Science Center and then the Math and Computing Technologies Center used if needed. Individuals scheduling these types of programs are to use those buildings in that order. No other academic facility will, to the extent possible, be used for classes, events, etc.

A special "Thank You" goes to Tonya Group, Jeanie Henry, and Cathy Sprenger in the Registrar's office for initiating and nearly completing relocation of the appropriate summer 2009 classes to these buildings. If you identify any academic class meeting times that have not been addressed, please contact the Registrar's Office immediately to resolve the matter.

With this effort accomplished, all other programs may now schedule or reschedule their planned activities to these buildings through the Ad Astra room scheduling program. The Registrar's Office does not schedule non-academic classroom space, so be sure to coordinate these changes with the appropriate party.

While we ask that classes, groups, etc. be consolidated, department, faculty and staff office functions may continue in their existing locations. These office occupancies however need to be communicated by each department to the Campus Energy Manager.

As part of the plan, all occupied spaces will be set to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. All rooms not scheduled for occupancy will generally be set to a maximum temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Several exceptions to this rule will continue to be honored such as sensitive lab equipment, lab processes, central computer equipment, and library collections.

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