Preferred Name Policy

In an effort to continue building a more inclusive and affirming campus climate, the LGBTQ+ Concerns Committee collaborated with APSCUF's Social Justice Committee to develop a preferred name policy at Shippensburg University. This policy was unanimously approved by President's Cabinet in September, 2017. View specific details about Shippensburg University's Preferred Name Policy

Although a legal name and/or gender marker change is determined by the state in which a student, staff, or faculty resides in, the LGBTQ+ committee has worked to increase access for campus community members to utilize a preferred name in situations where a legal name is not required. Throughout the implementation process, the LGBTQ+ Concerns Committee will work to engage the campus community to increase awareness and offer support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shippensburg University's Social Equity Office or the co-chairs of this committee.