Random Education ImagesFaculty Policies and Procedures

The faculty policies and procedures handbook and support documents are now available online. These documents are placed in a secured document library accessed via myShip, available for viewing by faculty and appropriate staff only.

Documents currently available in the document library are:
Faculty Handbook
Social Equity Faculty Search Handbook
Misconduct in Research
Teaching of Credit Courses by University Managers
Office Hours for Part-time Faculty
Administering Student Rating of Faculty/Course Survey
Selection of College Deans
Past Practices - Internships
Graduate Grade Appeals Procedure Undergraduate Grade Appeals Procedure
Additional documents may be posted.

To view documents, go to myShip and follow the directions below:


  • Log on to myShip
  • Choose Resources under the Faculty tab
  • Select Document Library under Resources/Other Websites
  • Some forms on these pages are stored in Adobe's PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these forms. You can download Acrobat free from Adobe's website .