Psychological Science Courses

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REQUIRED COURSES for all students (6 credits)

_____ PSY500 Adv. Research Design & Statistics I
_____ PSY501 Adv. Research Design & Statistics II

CORE COURSES (12 credits) Choose 1 from each of the following 4 cluster areas

Cluster 1: Learning and Motivation

_____ PSY512 Theories of Learning
_____ PSY516 Motivation
_____ PSY535 Behavioral Assessment
_____ PSY536 Behavioral Research and Ethics
_____ PSY540 History of Psychology

Cluster 2: Developmental and Social
_____ PSY527 Studies in the Psychology of Adolescence
_____ PSY529 Psychology of Successful Aging
_____ PSY533 Advanced Social Psychology
_____ PSY545 Psychological Development of the Child: Theories and Research
_____ PSY590 Intro to Group Dynamics

Cluster 3: Personality and Abnormal
_____ PSY515 Theories of Personality
_____ PSY518 Introduction to Behavior Analysis
_____ PSY530 Studies in the Psychology of the Exceptional Child
_____ PSY534 Survey of Research in Abnormal Behavior
_____ PSY543 Behavioral Treatment and Systems Support

Cluster 4: Cognitive
_____ PSY531 Advanced Cognitive Psychology
_____ PSY565 Human Factors
_____ PSY570 Seminar in Cognitive Science

ELECTIVES (6 credits)

_____ PSY594, 595, 596 Selected Topics
_____ Additional Cluster Courses (up to 4)
_____ Declare Track (Before 3rd semester)


Research Track (6 credits)

Applied Track (6 credits)

General/Reading Track (6credits)

_____ PSY612 Thesis I
_____ PSY612 Thesis I

_____ PSY621 Field Experience I
_____ PSY622 Field Experience II

_____ 6 credits of electives
_____ Comprehensive Exam

Recent Graduates

  • Lori Barnes - Ph.D Western Michigan University
  • Erin Bailey - Institutional Researcher at Holy Family University
  • Brandon Balotti - Data Manager at The Pennsylvania State University
  • August Capiola - Ph.D. student at Wright State University
  • Denise Cothren - Project Manager at Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • James Evans - Ph.D. student at SUNY Binghamton
  • Michael Hamel - Ph.D. student at Southern Illinois University
  • Rachel Hamel - Ph.D. student at Southern Illinois University
  • Brittany Harmon - Ph.D. student at SUNY Stony Brook
  • Sophia Hou - Employment Specialist at Keystone Human Services
  • Stephanie Kazanas - Ph.D. student at SUNY Albany
  • Kara Kessel - Program Director at New Story Behavioral Health
  • Jill Kessler - Epidemiology Researcher at Johns Hopkins University
  • Dan Klanica - Licensed Behavior Specialist at Wesley Spectrum Services
  • Andrew Miller (BCBA) - Behavior Analyst at Verbal Beginnings
  • Kara (Pogue) Kessel (BCBA, LBS) Program Director at Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services
  • Ross Rogers - Ph.D. student at Ohio University
  • Chris Sheipe - Data Manager at Ahold Corporation
  • Alexandra Toms - Adjunct Professor at Shippensburg University and Wilson College
  • Samantha Troy - Adjunct Professor at Shippensburg University and the Harrisburg Area Community College
  • Denise Yarwood - Associate Dean at Shippensburg University
  • Brandon Yorty (BCBA) - Behavioral Consultant at The Vista School and Adjunct Professor at Shippensburg University