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Student Research Grant Program Details

  • Undergraduate Call for Proposals (UGR)
    • Will begin accepting applications 9/2/14 thru 10/3/14
    • Graduate Research Grant Program (GR)
      • Award funding will be split between semesters
      • Fall - closed
      • Spring - NOW Accepting Application 1/20/15 thru 4/20/15
      • Proposals will be accepted until the available funding per semester has been awarded.  

    Minds@Work: Celebrating Student Research, Scholarship, and Creativity

    • April 21, 2015 - Save the date!
    • Registration begins January 20 thru 4:00 p.m. February 23, 2015.
    • Formerly the Celebration of Student Research.


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    Contact Us

    Institute for Public Service & Sponsored Programs
    Old Main 202
    Phone -- (717) 477-1251
    FAX -- (717) 477-4053
    E-mail -- ipssp@ship.edu  


    Christopher Wonders, Director 

    Pamela Bucher, Office  Associate 

    Diane Musser, Clerk Associate

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    Customized Funding Opportunities

    Are you interested in receiving e-mail alerts and learning about grant opportunities tailored to your areas of research interest?  Then please enroll in the customized funding opportunities alert system! 

    About the Program

    Via our institutional membership in the Association of American State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), we are participating in a Grants Resource Center (GRC) program that delivers targeted funding opportunities to faculty.  This program, or faculty alert system, will generate a customized list of funding opportunities based on your designated subject & function areas of interest.  This list is then e-mailed directly to you on a monthly basis.

    The program draws upon the same database that the Professional Development Opportunities Bulletin (which you receive each month) is based on.  The database consists of approximately 2,000 programs that are for relevance to higher education.   However, the full Bulletin will continue to be delivered to all tenured and tenure-track faculty members each month in a blanket e-mail.

    Yes, I am Interested - How to Sign Up? 

    Enrolling in this program is simple and easy.   Just follow the three steps below. 

    • First, review the Subject Codes document, to identify your topical areas of interest, and the Function Codes document to identify any further programmatic refinements you wish to make.   You need not specify any function codes. 

    Subject Codes 

    PDF 16 

    Function Codes 

    PDF 16    

    • Second, prepare an e-mail with information formatted in similar fashion as in the sample found below.  Simply substitute your own information where the italicized sample information appears.  

    First Name 


    Last Name 



    General Studies

    Phone No. (no punctuation or spaces) 




    Subject Codes (please separate with a semicolon, no space) 


    Function Codes (please separate with a semicolon, no space; no entry in this box is fine too) 


    Would you like to be contacted by colleagues of the same interests (within SU)? ( Y / N) 


    • Third, send the e-mail to the Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs at cawonders@ship.edu.  This information will then be entered into the alert system and you should expect a customized funding opportunities e-mail with the next month's cycle of announcements.