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Student Research Grant Program Details

  • Undergraduate Call for Proposals (UGR)
    • Will begin accepting applications 9/2/14 thru 10/3/14
    • Graduate Research Grant Program (GR)
      • Award funding will be split between semesters
      • Fall - Accepting Application 9/2/14 thru 12/1/14
      • Spring - Accepting Application 1/20/15 thru 4/20/15
      • Proposals will be accepted until the available funding per semester has been awarded.  

    Celebration of Student Research Conference

    • April 21, 2015 - Save the date!
    • Registration begins January 20 thru February 20, 2015.


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    Contact Us

    Institute for Public Service & Sponsored Programs
    Old Main 202
    Phone -- (717) 477-1251
    FAX -- (717) 477-4053
    E-mail -- ipssp@ship.edu  


    Christopher Wonders, Director 

    Pamela Bucher, Office  Associate 

    Diane Musser, Clerk Associate

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    IRB/Human Subjects 




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    Grant Databases

    Several free and subscription-based grants databases are accessible for Shippensburg University faculty, administrators, staff, and students.   Please exploit these databases to identify targeted funding opportunities that fit your research interests and needs.

    Sponsored Funding Opportunities Database 


    Getting Started 

    Infoed SPIN and GENIUS 

    Infoed's SPIN search engine and associated GENIUS database is the world's most widely subscribed to database of funding opportunities and is heavily used by a large number for primarily undergraduate institutions.   This is a subscription fee based service.  Paid for by the IPPSP office.

    For access to SPIN, contact the IPS office.  A username and password needs to be created prior to accessing this resource.

    Grants Resource Center (GRC)

    There are three options we provide regarding the GRC funding opportunities database.  Each of these is noted below.   This is a subscription fee based service. Also paid for by the IPSSP office.

    See more details for each of the three options below or contact the IPS office.


    Each month, all faculty members receive the Funding Opportunities Bulletin in pdf format.  This provides descriptions, priorities, complete contact information, and links for a number of opportunities with deadlines that are less than three months away. These are broadly sorted by discipline.   This pdf is also published to the IPS web site.

    Check your e-mail inbox for the monthly Bulletin, which is typically issued by the IPS office during the second week of each month or please visit Professional Development Opportunities .


    You may sign up for the targeted funding opportunities program, where you provide a list of key terms and subject areas, along with your contact information.  These are then forwarded to the GRC and your profile entered into a database, resulting in your receiving monthly e-mails of targeted funding opportunities.

    Please see Customized Funding Opportunities     for additional details and how to sign up.  Contact the IPS office at x1251 if you have additional questions. 


    Option three is to search the GRC database yourself.   An institutional password and username is required.

    Contact the IPS office at x1251 for more information on how to access this option.

    Foundation Center 

    A database of private and corporate foundations.  The IPS office possesses a three volume set of printed materials.  This is a subscription fee based service.

    Please visit the IPS office to access these materials.


    A centralized database for sponsored programs across many branches and agencies of the federal government.  Access to this service is free and universally accessible.

    Click on the link to proceed directly to the web site and start searching!

    National Science Foundation (NSF) 

    An independent federal agency that funds a large share of basic research undertaken at American colleges and universities.  Access to this service is free and universally accessible.

    Click on the link to proceed directly to the web site and start searching!

    Several of the databases can generate customized e-mail alerts of relevant funding opportunities.