Graduate Research Advisory Committee

University faculty representing each College of the University - College of Business, the College of Education and Human Resources, and the College of Arts and Sciences make up the Graduate Research Advisory Committee. This Committee implemented a guiding philosophy to use all available funds to support research and scholarly activities conducted by undergraduate students, and to make these funds available to all undergraduate students without regard to program membership. This philosophy provides the opportunity for students to experience discovery, better understand the scientific process, develop analytical and communication skills, and become consumers of research. This Committee meets at various times during the academic year to review program activities and to evaluate and select applications for funding. The Committee is also available to support student research, during the annual Research Day in April, and to review and comment on the application notice for the yearly competition for funds. Committee members are recommended by the Academic Dean upon request when a replacement is required, and those willing to serve rotate through Committee membership as schedules permit.

2009-2010 Graduate Research Advisory Committee

Dr. George Pomeroy, Chair

Institute for Public Service

Ext. 1251

Dr. Scott Madey

Arts & Sciences - Psychology
FSC 105

Ext. 1657

Dr. Timothy Hawkins

Arts & Sciences - Geography/Earth Science
SRH 212

Ext. 1662

Dr. Bill McHenry

Education & Human Services - Counseling
SPH 121

Ext. 3632

Dr. Robert Setaputra

College of Business - Finance
GRH 137

Ext. 1171

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