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Student Research Grant Program Details

  • Undergraduate Research Grant Program (UGR)
    • Accepting proposals beginning 9/8/15
    • Application deadline 10/9/15 by 5:00 PM
    • Awards announced first week of November 2015

    • Graduate Research Grant Program (GR)
      • Award funding will be split between semesters
      • Fall - Accepting Applications 9/8/15 thru 12/8/15
      • Spring - Accepting Applications 1/19/16 thru 4/16/16
      • Proposals will be accepted until the available funding per semester has been awarded.  

    Minds@Work Conference

    • 4/19/2016 - Save the date!
    • Registration opens 1/11/16
    • Registration deadline 2/23/16
    • Formerly the Celebration of Student Research.


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    Contact Us

    Institute for Public Service & Sponsored Programs
    Old Main 202
    Phone -- (717) 477-1251
    FAX -- (717) 477-4053
    E-mail -- ipssp@ship.edu  


    Christopher Wonders, Director 

    Pamela Bucher, Office  Associate 


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    Animal Care and Use Procedures  

    If your research activity involves the use of animals, specific rules and procedures must be followed and assurances must be indicated in the application.  This requires an additional clearance through the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). If you require the clearance of this committee, contact Dr. Kathryn Potoczak at kmpoto@ship.edu. This clearance must be complete before the application reaches the IPSSP Office.  For information regarding the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, please contact Dr. Potoczak at kmpoto@ship.edu.

     The University IACUC maintains oversight of all animal use in research at the University, and will make available to interested faculty copies of the guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals. All necessary research oversight committees and policies are in place to assure compliance with program regulations.