A Word From the Professor of Military Science

Shippensburg University Army ROTC - 5 Decades and still going Army Strong

I want to personally extend warmest regards and thanks to our distinguished graduates, our department’s supporters, and 5 decades of Army Officers from Shippensburg University ROTC. I am personally humbled and grateful for the experience to come back and lead the organization where I was commissioned in 1996. These are extremely exciting times here at Shippensburg and in our program. I am so amazed by the quality of the Cadets, their commitment to Service, and their eagerness to uphold the legacy we all are a part of. The program is strong and commissioning outstanding officers for all components of the Army.

Shippensburg University Army ROTC is at a critical juncture. We can no longer delay in establishing a strong and enduring alumni organization that is capable of positive influence for the future of the Raider Battalion. We could use your help in two areas. First, we need to improve and update our records in order to achieve the broadest possible circulation of a semesterly newsletter. The newsletter is written and designed by Cadets in order to connect our future with our past. Any updates on addresses or where alumni are at in the world is greatly appreciated. Second, we need a collective voice and organization that can muster resources to make our Cadets more competitive, either through influence or donations.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and assisting in passing our message along. It is our goal to make this newsletter endure by inculcating our Cadets with Raider tradition and their role in making a difference for future generations of Officers from Shippensburg University. We also intend to use this as a mechanism to communicate links to our Facebook page, events such as an alumni mixers, and ways to stay connected. Thank you again for your Service and your interest in Shippensburg University Army ROTC.

Upcoming Events    

High School Scholarship Applications   
June 14, 2017 thru January 11, 2018
Current high school juniors can apply for a
full 4-year scholarship to one of over 1100
colleges--including Shippensburg!

Apply online at http://www.goarmy.com/rotc/high-school-students/four-year-scholarship.html                        

Fall 2017 ROTC Enrollment 
Thru September 1, 2017 
Incoming and current Ship students can get
started in ROTC with no testing or military
obligation. Adding a 2 credit Military Science
Course to your schedule puts you on the path
to leadership excellence.

ROTC Orientation Program  
August 22-24, 2017  
Incoming Ship freshmen who are starting
ROTC: get a jump start on the semester by
moving in a day early! Includes ROTC book,
uniform, and equipment issue plus overview
of ROTC procedures and training.

Officer-Ship Seminar  
November 18, 2017  
Join us for a half-day seminar on ROTC, Officer
careers, and a detailed look at the High School
Scholarship Program

Registration Form

FB/ShipROTC Facebook.com/ShipROTC

Twitter @ShipROTC

For Information:

ROTC Enrollment Officer  
Wright Hall 207

1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257
Telephone: 717-477-1896  
Cell/Text: 717-404-7092
Fax: 717-477-1783

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Current Cadets:
For pay, contract, and travel issues contact:
Mr. Byron Stouffer
717-477-1782 BCStouffer@ship.edu
Wright Hall 206

For uniform or equipment issues contact:
Mr. Rodney Oberbroeckling
717-477-1794 RJOberbroeckling@ship.edu
Wright Hall 018

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