Teaching Materials Required  

All Undergraduate (4-8 Language Arts) and Master's of Reading Candidates are required to purchase materials for teaching.  Following is the list of all required materials.  The first two items MUST be purchased from the link.  The company name is abcstuff.com.

        Magnetic Letters 

        Cover Up Tape

Optional from website but must have for all literacy classes 

       Magnetic Letters Holder 

       White Board (8 1/2 inches X 11 inches) 

       White Board Markers: 

       Writing Markers: Sharpie Permanent Markers - thin markers


       Shippensburg University will supply sentence strips for all students in clinic classes. 


New Praxis Exam: Beginning September 1, 2012, the paper/pencil version of the Reading Specialist exam will no longer be offered in Pennsylvania.  To take the place of the paper/pencil exam, a computer based exam is being offered in Harrisburg.  

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