The intramural program provides an opportunity for social interaction outside of the academic setting. Structured activities of both a team and individual nature are available to the student body. These activities reflect demand, therefore student input is encouraged. The Shippensburg University intramural program is coordinated through the Department of Recreation.

IM List - Summer 2017


Intramural leagues are open to the University community (students, faculty, and staff).

Intramural meeting representation is a prerequisite for participation. No more than two individuals should represent a team at the meeting. Individuals seeking a team should attend.

The intramural program consists of men’s and women’s leagues. If the Director of Recreation determines participation by one gender is insufficient to provide an opportunity for quality competition, individuals may be permitted to form co-ed teams.

Intramural information is recorded on the Rec Hotline (717-477-1561) and is posted at Please refer to the Intramural Participant Handbook on the website for a summary of intramural policies and procedures.


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Remaining Game Schedule:

Wed 10/18

7pm - PDT vs. Cleats and Cleavage

8pm - Nine Inch Males vs. Ice Cold Pitchers

9pm - Caught Looking vs. Phillies

10pm - Stiff Hitters vs. Balls and Winners

Thurs 10/19

7pm - Cleats and Cleavage vs. We Go Balls Deep

8pm - Sloot Gang vs. Master Batters

9pm - Ice Cold Pitchers vs. Caught Looking

10pm - Balls and Winners vs. Nine Inch Males

Officiating Schedule

IM Softball Rules


Men's League Game Schedule

Men's League Officiating Schedule

Women's League Game Schedule

Women's League Officiating Schedule

IM Soccer Rules


2017- 2018 IM Participant Handbook


Student Recreation Complex (SRC)

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