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Undergraduate Summer/Winter 2015 Scheduling

Fall/Spring Scheduling Information   

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Summer/Winter Registration

Summer and Winter registration will occur in the myShip portal.  Undergraduate students may schedule any time the system is available from the start of their time ticket window through the registration deadline for the summer/winter terms.  

Scheduling Preparation

Make an appointment with your academic advisor.  Don't wait until the last minute when your advisor may not be available.  If you do not know the name of your academic advisor, please log into myShip and click on "My Advisor" or contact your major department office.   

Check for holds.  If a hold has been placed on your file because of delinquent accounts, damages, parking tickets, etc., or because you have not returned your health forms to Etter Health Center, the appropriate office must clear your file before you may schedule.  

Know your program requirements.  Review the undergraduate catalog and any program planning sheets from your department.  Review the General Education requirements in the catalog.

Check course requirements.  Read the scheduling packet and the university catalog for any special requirements or prerequisites. Review the courses being offered during the term.  DO NOT schedule courses for which you do not have the necessary pre-requisites. 

Plan your schedule.  Do not create time conflicts, select sections that are not closed, and choose alternate courses.   

Get permission for restricted courses.  If the course is restricted or requires permission, you must go to the appropriate department office during the online scheduling period.  Undeclared students should follow the directions as stated in their Scheduling Newsletter.

Get on wait lists for closed courses.  If a course is closed and you must take the course to fulfill requirements of your program of study, use myShip to sign up for class waitlists. If a course is restricted or if there is an unmet pre-requisite, you will need to contact the department office under which the course resides to explore your options for obtaining the necessary override(s) before you will be able to be added to the waitlist for the course. To sign-up on a waitlist for a class follow these directions:

  • Log in to myShip.
  • Select My Academics from the Student tab.
  • Select Add or Drop Classes from the RegistrationTools menu.
  • Select the appropriate term.
  • Select or search for the class for which you would like to register.
  • If the class is closed, it will be indicated by “C.”  Take note of the course registration number (CRN) for that class.
  • Manually enter the CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet section of the Add or Drop Classes form.
  • Select Submit Changes.
  • In the Action drop-down menu, select Waitlist.
  • Select Submit Changes to submit your waitlist request.
  • Verify the course appears as a waitlisted course.

If you no longer need a course for which you have waitlisted, you may use the Add or Drop Classes form to drop the class. Signing up on the waitlist does NOT guarantee you a seat in the course.  You will be notified by email if space becomes available in the class and you are being moved from the waitlist to the class. If there is no waitlist for a course you feel you must take, contact your advisor to discuss your options.

If you have any questions about summer scheduling, see your advisor, your department chair, or your dean's office. 

Your Registration Time Ticket Window

Log into the myShip portal and click on the Student tab.  Under Registration Tools, select Registration Status.  If prompted, select the semester for which you would like to register.  You will be able to view your registration time ticket window.  All summer/winter registration begins at the start of your registration time ticket window and will end on the following dates: 

Summer Term A 2015     March 30 (or your start time) - May 20

Summer Term B 2015     March 30 (or your start time) - July 1

Winter Term 2015           October 26 (or your start time) - December 15

Online scheduling will be available from 8:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for the final day of scheduling for each respective term, when it will close at 4:00 p.m.

Scheduling Online

Did you clear your holds?

Remember -- The appropriate office must clear your file before you can schedule!



Students in B.A. degree programs who entered college in the fall of 1996 or later must complete the language requirement before graduating. 

You must attain intermediate level proficiency in a language by completing college credits, taking three years in high school or passing an exam. Contact your dean or the Modern Language Department for more details.

You will need to have a current SU ID card to schedule.
  • Register by logging into myShip at
  • Log on using your User ID and password.
    If you have a current ID card, but cannot log into it now, you need to contact the Registrar's Office. If you have lost your ID, you must contact the Campus police for a replacement.
  • Click on the Student tab from the menu.  Under Registration Tools, select "Add Or Drop Classes".
  • Build a schedule by browsing, or by entering the course registration (CRN) numbers.
  • Submit your schedule,
    You must click the submit changes button to complete your schedule.  When you submit your schedule, it will return results. If you don't see these results, you did not SUBMIT your schedule.  If you don't SUBMIT CHANGES, you do not have a schedule! 
  • Logout of the session, print a schedule or schedule more classes. Close the window to insure no one can use the back button to enter your record.