2015 Success Stories

Michele's Pet Grooming and Boarding

“Oh my gosh, she was instrumental!  The bank would not work with me without a business plan.“- Michele Gossard

   Michele's Pet

Daisy, the “greeter,” came up to me happily wagging her tail as I approached the recently opened doggie daycare and boarding facility.  Upon entering I saw Becky, a groomer, busily painting a Saint Bernard’s toenails purple to match her new collar....more 

The Igloo

“Cheryl provided great insight and guidance that helped me to push through in the initial stages of getting started.” - Nicholas Papoutsis

The Igloo

Nicholas Papoutsis first contacted the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Shippensburg University in early February 2014.  Nicholas was going through a life transition at the time, having recently been “downsized” after 38 years working as a manufacturing engineer and he had become aware of a local business that was for sale...more

2014 Success Stories

Pizza N' Stuff

“The SBDC was great to work with, a huge help and always available to assist us when we had questions”- Jessica Marchiano


Pizza N Stuff Logo         Pizza N Stuff Outside   

Tony Marchiano has been working in the pizza industry for twenty-five years, starting when he moved to the United States from Sicily. His wife, Jessica has many years of experience in the customer service industry...more

GoGreen IT

“I always knew that I would someday have my own business. The SBDC was awesome with helping me get started”  - Nick Mudgett

Go Green IT

From the time he was in grade school, Nick Mudgett wanted to start a business.  At just twenty years old his ambition, combined with his environmental concern and entrepreneurial outlook, led him to accomplishing just that...more


Trends in Ship

“Equate how much do I need to sell to break even and am I comfortable with that? If you’re not comfortable with that, then you shouldn’t be opening the business."            - Amanda Chan

Trends in Ship Store Trends in Ship Logo

Ever find yourself searching for something else to wear in your wardrobe only to end up settling on the same boring outfits you’re used to? Finding the right outfit for the weekend or even every day can be a challenge. It becomes even more difficult to fix this in a town without a mall. Wanting to venture out and start something new, Amanda Chan saw this problem...more

Amped Apparel

“Try and go about it [starting your own business] in the correct way. It’s easy to not want to spend as much money and time, but by taking the proper steps first, you’re establishing a brand that can grow”  - Adam Sinz

Ampled Apparel      Amped logo

When Adam Sinz was a 17-year old, a mere six years ago, he was into the action sport lifestyle and hanging out at the local skate shop had become routine. When a friend was sponsored by the skate shop, Adam was asked to design a logo for the shop and to get shirts printed. This was the start of something big...more

2013 Success Stories

Proud to Serve Mini Mart & Deli

“Don’t take on something too big. You can’t pretend to do it right, you have to do it right” -- Barbara Houggati

Proud to Serve Rachid      Proud to Serve Store

Talk about chance. Barbara and her husband Rachid, had patronized this convenience store when it was previously NS Deli. They had always thought about how great it would be to buy the business and run it themselves...more

FROYOS- The Frozen Yogurt Place

“Think long and hard. Be realistic and question how passionate you are. Make sure you do your research. Be sure to find a good CPA, lawyer, and go to the SBDC.” Cindy Dwyer

  FROYOS Shop(1)      FROYOS Logo

When some people retire they tend go off to Florida or another tropical place, but Cindy Dwyer isn’t just “some” person. When Cindy decided she was going to be retiring after 31 years of service as a Colonel in the Army, her long standing dream of becoming an entrepreneur began looking like a possibility...more

Caledonia Power Sports

“Starting a business can be stressful. The SBDC helped relieve some of that stress, offering assistance and advice along the way including help with the business plan and financial numbers.” Jeff Katusin 

 Caledonia Power Sports   Caledonia Power Sports Logo 


Growing up, the two men found their passion for power early, riding dirt bikes and four wheelers as children. As Jeff got older, many of his life experiences would prepare him for achieving his dream. He soon found himself being a professional racer of four wheelers, and even competed in the Grand National Cross Country series.... more 



Cartridge World

  “The Small Business Development Center acted as my 30,000 foot view to see things I couldn’t when I wasn’t quite sure what to say or where to go in certain situations.” - David Crown  

 Cartridge World    Cartridge World logo 

Ever look back and think, “I did not see myself in this position a couple years ago?” After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009 with a degree in Media and Professional Communications, David Crown thought he would end up working in public relations or journalism. After working his job at Cartridge World for 2 years and seeing the hole it was falling into, however, David was confident that he could turn the business around....more.. 


 Jazzy Ladies Day Spa

“Cheryl Young was wonderful in offering many services that were very helpful such as teaching me how to work the excel spreadsheet and balancing out my budget.”  - Anntoinette Saunders 

 Jazzy Ladies 2       Jazzy Ladies 1 


 From spending time with her mother as a child, to spending time with her daughter, Anntoinette Saunders wanted to encourage and spread mother daughter experiences around the area. She figured the best way to do this was by providing a service anyone would enjoy, being pampered...more