SEA-STEM Scholarship Brochure


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Address questions about the program to:

Dr. Marcie L. Lehman
Principal Investigator of the Ship-SEA-STEM Program
Biology Department
E: mllehm@ship.edu
P: (717) 477-1589

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Geo studentsSEA-STEM  
Shippensburg University Scholarships for Educational Achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Ship now has scholarships for students pursuing degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Geography-Earth Science and Mathematics. Eligible students may receive a maximum award of $3,750 per year with final award amounts based on the student’s calculated unmet need (as determined by the Office of Financial Aid).

You must apply for the Ship-SEA-STEM Scholars Program. Scholars will be selected based upon academic performance, a personal statement, recommendations, and financial need. Preference will be given to under-represented populations (including first generation college students, students from rural populations, and minority populations as defined by each discipline).

In addition, Ship-SEA-STEM scholars may also receive either the:

  • Board of Governor’s Tuition Waiver (for PA residents ) or
  • Tuition Advantage Program (TAP) - STEM Major Discount (for Out-of-State applicants)
    • Students who have selected a SEA-STEM major that is also eligible for the STEM Major Discount will receive a 175% tuition rate (normal Out-of-State rate is 225%).

 The Ship-SEA-STEM scholars program is funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant.