S. T. A. R. S. Members

Tyler Allen is a senior from Bloomsburg, PA majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management.


Clubs/Organizations: Lamda Chi Alpha Fraternity and Orientation Team

Why Did You Come to Ship? When I set foot on campus, I felt at home. My tour guide felt genuinely interested in me and the overall experience was great.

Advice For Others Going Into College? Do your research before deciding. Visit campus too. Once you get to school, use your campus resources.

Fun Fact About You? I was interviewed for a History Channel TV show and in the audience for the Price is Right all in one day.

Megan Lawrence is a senior from Mechanicsburg, PA majoring in Accounting and Management Information Systems.


Clubs/Organizations: Honors Programs Student Assistant, Honors Program Mentor, Honors Students Organization Recruitment Co-Chair, New Student Orientation Committee, Accounting Club, MIS Club, STARS, Student Alumni Ambassador

Why Did You Come to Ship? I originally came to Ship because it felt like a place that I could call home. The business program is accredited by AASCB and I was accepted into the well-established Honors Program. I now know that there are so many opportunities for personal and professional growth at Ship, ply so many way to have fun too. I am very thankful that I chose to attend college here.

Advice For Others Going Into College? My biggest piece of advice for new students is to get involved in as many things on campus as possible. As I got more involved, I made more friends and connections with faculty and administration, and I had more fun!

Fun Fact About You? I rode my first roller coaster this summer! It was the SooperDooperLooper at Hershey Park.

Haley Luke is a sophomore from Stewartsville, NJ majoring in Communication Journalism – Electronic Media.


Clubs/Organizations: STARS, SUTV

Why Did You Come to Ship? I chose Shippensburg because the first time I stepped onto campus it felt like home. I love the atmosphere and how everyone on campus is basically a family.

Advice For Others Going Into College? Get involved to make connections and network so it is easier to get a job after graduation. Also, just be yourself and don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

Fun Fact About You? My biggest goal is to get a job with ESPN and live and work in Chicago.

Angie Mason is a junior from Minersville, PA majoring in Human Resource Management, with a minor in Anthropology.


Clubs/Organizations: Alumni Ambassadors, Society for Human Resource Management, Orientation Committee, and ShipRec Maintenance Staff.

Why Did You Come to Ship? The AACSB accredited business program, my tour guides, and SHIP felt like home.

Advice For Others Going Into College? Don’t get too involved, but join organizations. Have fun!

Fun Fact About You? I run for fun.

Cassie McCabe is a sophomore from Macungie, PA majoring in Early Childhood/Elementary/Special Education.


Clubs/Organizations: Act V, employee at Reisner Dining Hall

Why Did You Come to Ship? Close enough/far enough away, open and bright campus, financial reasons (state school), elementary school on campus, and fantastic teaching program .

Advice For Others Going Into College? Go in with an open mind. This is a chance for a clean slate so get involved in activities and clubs you’ve always wanted to try and have fun!

Fun Fact About You? I was a dancer for 15 years.

Emily McGinn is a sophomore from Red Lion, PA majoring in Management Information Systems.


Clubs/Organizations: STARS

Why Did You Come to Ship? I loved the campus. It felt like home to me and everyone was extremely friendly.

Advice For Others Going Into College? Make sure you look at all of your options and that you find a school that you can see yourself at.

Fun Fact About You? I roomed with my best friend from high school and we stayed best friends.

Zach Welter is a sophomore from South Williamsport, PA majoring in History Education.


Clubs/Organizations: STARS, History Club, SUEA, Adventure Club

Why Did You Come to Ship? I came to Ship because it felt like home to me, and I love my department and the classes in it.

Advice For Others Going Into College? Make the most of it. Get involved with clubs.

Fun Fact About You? I’m the first person in my family to go to college.


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