BSW Required Course

See the Undergraduate Course Catalog for a complete list of requirements and course descriptions.

Course Name Credits
SWK 102: Social Work in Social Welfare 3
SWK 150: Human Relations Lab 3
SWK 250: Assessing Individual in the Social Environment 3
SWK 265: Understanding Diversity for Social Work Practice 3
SWK 270: Social Work Practice with Individuals* 3
SWK 275: Social Work Skills for Working with Groups 3
SWK 327: Social Work Practice with Families 3
SWK 340: Assessing Organizations and Communities 3
SWK 360: Research Techniques for Social Workers 3
SWK 370: Practice with Organizations and Communities 3
SWK 388: Preparation for Practicum 1
SWK 389, 460: Field Work in Social Work 12
SWK 391, 462: Seminar in Social Work 3
Special Fields** 3
SWK 420: Gender Issues for Helping Professionals 3
SWK 450: Social Welfare Policy and Services 

*Note: While enrolled in this course, students must complete the professional status application process. These procedures and criteria are described in the student handbook.
**All Social Work students are required to take a course in a special field. CWEB students must take SWK 362 (Introduction to Child Welfare).