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Congratulations to all the BSW and MSW graduates SPRING 2014!

Best wishes for a great summer!

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    Contact Information

    Department of Social Work & Gerontology
    Shippensburg University
    382 Shippen Hall
    1871 Old Main Drive
    Shippensburg, PA 17257
    (717) 477-1717


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    Program Requirements

              Students interested in pursuing a social work major should consult with the social work department and declare the major as soon as possible. There are two levels of admission into the major. The first is a pre-professional standing. The second level is a professional standing and will only be granted after students successfully complete a formal admission process.

              Professional standing will require a minimum overall quality point average of 2.50. Admission procedures are fully described in the social work student handbook and in the Social Work Practice with Individuals course, which is a required course for all students, including transfers.


     Required Social Work Courses (55 Credits)
    SWK102 Social Work in Social Welfare 3 crs. 
    SWK150 Human Relations Lab 3 crs.
    SWK250 Assessing Individuals in the Social Environment 3 crs.
    SWK265 Understanding Diversity for Social Work Practice 3 crs.
    SWK270 Social Work Practice with Individuals* 3 crs.
    SWK275 Social Work Skills for Working with Groups 3 crs.
    SWK327 Social Work Skills for Working with Families 3 crs.
    SWK340 Assessing Organizations and Communities in Society 3 crs.
    SWKXXX Special Fields (choose 1 below) 3 crs.
    SWK360 Research Techniques for Social Workers 3 crs.
    SWK370 Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities 3 crs.
    SWK420 Gender Issues for Helping Professionals 3 crs.
    SWK450 Social Welfare Policy and Services 3 crs.
    SWK388 Preparation for Field Practicum 3 crs.
    SWK391 Seminar in Social Work Methods** 3 crs.
    SWK389 & SWK390 Field Work in Social Work** 3 crs.
    * Note: This course is required of all students who wish to declare a social work major. Upon successful completion of the course, the pre-social work major may apply for full professional standing. These procedures and criteria are described in the student handbook.
    **Note: Field work in social work and the Seminar in Social Work Methods are taken for 15 credit hours with no additional course work during the last semester in the senior year. Students must have earned a C or better in all required social work courses before they are eligible for field work and Seminar in Social Work Methods.
    Special Fields of Social Work: One of the following courses is required   3 crs
    SWK262 Introduction to Child Welfare Practice

    SWK347 Special Fields of Social Work: Behavioral Health Settings

    SK348 Special Fields of Social Work: Substance Abuse Settings
     SWK351 Special Fields of Social Work: Aging Settings
     SWK356 Special Fields of Social Work: Developmental Disabilities Settings
     SWK357 Special Fields of Social Work: Health Care SettingsSWK358 Special Fields of Social Work: School Settings
     SWK359 Special Fields of Social Work: Violence in Interpersonal Relationships
    Allied Fields: Students majoring in social work must take the following courses in allied fields which may also meet general education requirements. 
    PSY101 General Psychology 3 crs.
    BIO150 Human Biology 3 crs.
     SOC101 Introduction to Sociology: Society and Diversity 3 crs.
     PLS100 U.S. Government Politics 3 crs.
     MAT117 Applied Statistics (recommended)
    MAT165 Probability with Statistical Reasoning

    Click on the link to access the BSW Curriculum Planning Checklist