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POC Projects

Support your fellow Social Work students by volunteering to help with their POC Projects or attending their events to create a greater awareness on campus!

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Contact Information

Department of Social Work & Gerontology
Shippensburg University
382 Shippen Hall
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257
(717) 477-1717

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Faculty and Staff

The faculty in the Department of Social Work and Gerontology bring a wide range of professional experiences and knowledge to the Department. Each person's contribution is unique in the ability to assist students in their educational pursuit of a Social Work career. We strongly recommend that students take advantage of the faculty expertise.

Dr. Samuel Benbow                           
Associate Professor                           
Office: 329 Shippen Hall                    
Phone: 717-477-1781                       
Email: srbenb@ship.edu                   

Dr. Dara Bourassa
Associate Professor & Director of Gerontology
Office: 325 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1633
Email: dpbourassa@ship.edu

Dr. Jennifer Clements
Professor and BSW Field Director
Office: 335 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1633
Email: jaclem@ship.edu

Dr. Liz Fisher
Professor & BSW Program Director
Office: 337 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1365
Email: eafish@ship.edu

Dr. Marita Flagler
Associate Professor
Office: 331 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1266
Email: mnflagler@ship.edu

Dr. Jayleen Galarza
Assistant Professor
Office: 333 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1655
Email: jgalarza@ship.edu

Dr. Deborah Jacobs
Professor, Department Chair, MU-SU MSW Co-Director
Office: 384A Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1276
Email: dfjaco@ship.edu 

Dr. Charlene Lane
Assistant Professor
Office: 323 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1773
Email: clane@ship.edu

Dr. Michael Lyman
Associate Professor
Office: 327 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1267
Email: mjlyman@ship.edu 

Dr. Dorlisa Minnick
Assistant Professor, MU-SU MSW Field Co-Director
Office: 301 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1785
Email: djminnick@ship.edu

DottySue Ott
Department Secretary
Office: 382 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1717
Email: dott@ship.edu