Why choose an MSW degree at Ship?

A bachelor's degree in social work will allow you to secure an entry-level position in the social work field. A Master of Social Work (MSW) degree is required to perform most clinical (i.e. therapy) and macro (i.e. administrator) work. Shippensburg University's MSW is a CSWE (Councilon Social Work Education) accredited Advanced Generalist program. An advanced Generalist MSW permits graduates to work in a variety of human service programs and agencies in an advanced clinical and/or administrative capacity. Many other social work programs require an individual to choose a concentration, which normally means choosing between the clinical or macro track. Below are reasons that students provided fortheir decision to choose Shippensburg Universityto pursue their MSW.

reasons msw

The flexibility of the social work degree provides graduates with many options as they pursue their careers in the helping fields. Also, our program seeks to be accommodating to the non-traditional students and individuals working full time; all of our required MSW classes are offered in the evening! Other reasons the MU-SU MSW program is attractive to students include affordable price, generalist approach, year round program and many other reasons!

why students pursue msw

The majority of students feel positively about the class sizes in the MU-SU MSW program. Students find that the class sizesare big enough for group conversations, but small enough for one-on-one interactionsand collaborations. In addition to the interactions students have with one another, their interactions with faculty and adjunct professors are, in general, positive. A majority of students find the faculty to be open, friendly, helpful andgood in their communication with students. Additionally,the internship experience that is a part of the program provides real world experience that is necessary, appealing and an opportunity to create positive interactions between the university and the workplace.

**This data was collected from 26 MSW students during the 2014-2015 academic year.

why students pursued msw


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