Communications Concentration

  • COM410 Women and the Media
  • COM460 Case Studies in Public Relations
  • COM482 Internet Communication
  • COM484 Electronic Media Programming and Management
  • COM490 Selected Topics in Communication/Journalism
  • COM505 Public Relations Foundations
  • COM506  Public Relations Strategies
  • COM511  Modes of Film Communication
  • COM516 Photographic Communication
  • COM526 Emerging Mass Media Technologies
  • COM530 Law & the Media
  • COM536 World Broadcasting Systems
  • COM544 Advanced Communication Problems
  • COM561 Press and Public Affairs
  • COM570 Fund Raising and Association Public Relations
  • COM600 Introduction Mass Communication Research

Organizational Development and Leadership students in this concentration are advised COM520 may be taken in place of PLS601 in core; an additional concentration course will be necessary if that substitution is made.

ODL alums are saying...

  • You will see leadership through all new lenses.
  • The knowledge you gain will help you grow personally and professionally. I loved this program and would do it again in a heartbeat!
  • This is a great program.
  • Knowledge is power - believe in yourself - and never give up
  • It's totally worth paying attention to this stuff
  • Learn from each other.... It's not about right or wrong, it's about understanding why and differences of process


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