Students in this semester's SOC530 Sociology of Higher Education course presented research at the 2010 APSCUF/PSEA Conference on Labor in Higher Education on October 16th.

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Barbara J. Denison, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Coordinator, Organizational Development & Leadership Graduate Program
(717) 477-1257

Grove Hall 439
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA
(717) 477-1257

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Historical Administration

HIS402 Revolutionary America 

HIS407 Women in Comparative Perspective 

HIS410 The Islamic World 

HIS413 Pennsylvania History 

HIS418 Introduction to Applied History 

HIS419 Advanced Topics in Public History 

HIS421 Studies in 19th-Century European History 

HIS423 Issues in 20th-Century Europe 

HIS428 Issues in the Gilded Age & Progressive Era 

HIS454 China & the Outside World 

HIS494 Introduction to Archives 

HIS512 Seminar in Comparative Labor History 

HIS513 Seminar in U.S. Women's History 

HIS515 Seminar in 20th Century U.S. Social History 

HIS516 Seminar in African American History 

HIS519 Seminar in International Relations 

HIS525 Seminar in U.S. Regional History 

HIS526 Seminar in the Civil War Era 

HIS534 Seminar in Modern German History 

HIS535 Seminar in Medieval Studies 

HIS540 Comparative Latin American History 

HIS550 Seminar in South Asian History 

HIS555 Seminar in Russian Soviet & Post-Soviet History 

HIS558 Seminar in East Asia & the Modern World 

HIS562 Seminar in African History 

HIS601 Research in Local & Regional History 

It is recommended Historical Administration concentration students in ODL take HIS 600 instead of PLS 601 for their research core course; HIS 600 may not be used in the concentration.