Prepayment Plan

Payment Schedule  

Fall Semester:
April 15, May 15, June 15, July 15

Spring Semester:
September 15, October 15,
November 15, December 15

Shippensburg University offers a payment program to help students and their families meet tuition and other fee costs. This program allows you to budget for expenses of the forthcoming semester or academic year through a series of monthly installments. All or part of the expenses may be budgeted.

Students are obligated to pay all fees and charges in full by the due date set for each semester. If the amount due on that date is greater than the amount paid under the plan, a separate payment for the balance is due the university prior to registration. If, however, the amount paid is more than the total due, the student may (after the semester begins), request either a refund of the overpayment or credit toward a future semester.


The payment plan is not a loan program - there are no interest costs, loan origination fees, or late payment penalties on missed installments.

You determine the amount of money you wish to budget and the monthly payment you wish to make.

Prepayment Plan Brochure

How to Enroll

Use the worksheet on the back of the brochure to estimate the amount to be budgeted.

There is a $30 per year ($15 per semester) enrollment fee. If a student does not attend (or withdraws from the university), the payments into the plan will be refunded, based upon the university's refund policies and schedules (found in the university catalog), minus any charges which have
accrued against the student's account.

Complete the attached application form and send it along with your application fee payment to:

Student Accounts Office
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg , PA 17257 - 2299

Make checks payable to Shippensburg University.

Upon acceptance into the program, a packet of payment vouchers will be sent for your convenience in transmitting the budgeted amounts. If you prefer, we will e-mail the vouchers to you. (Please provide your e-mail address on the application form.) If you wish at any time to adjust the
budgeted amounts, simply make the appropriate changes on the vouchers. Withdrawal from the plan can easily be accomplished by discontinuing further payments. 

Terms & Conditions

Before you apply for this program, please read the following terms and conditions.

  1. An application received for enrollment in the program must be accompanied by payment for the application fee. Your application will be returned if no payment is enclosed. Application fees are not refundable.
  2. The payment plan consists of eight monthly installments for the full academic year or four monthly installments for one semester. Students planning to graduate in December would normally utilize the four month plan for fall semester. Freshmen admitted late for the fall semester might wish to enter the program with a four payment plan for the spring semester followed by a full year plan for subsequent academic years. An academic year consists of consecutive fall and spring semesters.
  3. Participation in the payment program is renewable each academic year by submitting an application as described in #1 of "Terms and Conditions."
  4. The program may be terminated at any time or the budgeted amount may be changed by noting the change on the payment vouchers provided by the university.
  5. If the amount paid through the payment plan is more than the total due on the student's account, the student may either request a refund or a credit against future charges after the semester begins. If the student does not attend or withdraws from Shippensburg University,
    the payments into the plan will be refunded, based upon the university refund policies and schedules, minus any charges against the student's account.
  6. In those instances where the final payment amount is less than the student's bill, payment for the balance will be due immediately upon its determination or by the due date of the semester's bill, whichever occurs later.
  7. Bad checks issued either for the application fee or the installments will be treated in accordance with the normal policies of the university, which essentially impose a $35 penalty and require replacement with cash, certified check, or money order.