American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning
Tax Credits (Tax Year 2017)

Important Information for Shippensburg University Students

Near the end of January 2018 you will receive an Internal Revenue Form 1098-T in the mail. The University is required to issue this form to each student who attended at any time during the 2017 calendar year. Retain this important form for income tax preparation purposes for 2017. If you do not receive a 1098-T form shortly after January 31, please visit to request a duplicate 1098-T (instructions for logging in to the ECSI site are below). To request detailed information of amounts billed and paid, call the Students Accounts Office at 717-477-1669.

The 1098-T provides part of the information you need to claim education tax benefits provided by the American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits. The Form 1098-T should be used along with the taxpayers own records of tuition and fee amounts paid to complete IRS Form 8863 to claim the tax credit.

This information is provided as required by the IRS and does not represent tax advice from the University. The taxpayer should refer to relevant IRS forms and publications or to their tax advisor and should not contact the University for explanations relating to eligibility requirements or calculations of any allowable education tax credit.  The university is not permitted to give any tax advice.

The IRS requires that the university must report either Amounts Billed in 2017 or Amounts Paid in 2017. Shippensburg University reports Amounts Billed (Box 2). What is reported in Box 2 may represent an amount other than the amount actually paid by the student in 2017.

Due to Academic Years not corresponding to Tax Years, information on your 1098-T may be confusing. Below are explanations of each box on the 1098-T to help clarify the financial data reported.


Box 1.     Will contain NO information. SU will be using the Amounts Billed option (see above).
Box 2.     Shows the net amounts billed for tuition and qualified fees in 2017. SU bills for Spring 2018 semester in 2017; therefore, Spring 2018 charges may also be included in this box. Any new charges posted in 2017 relating to prior years may also be included. 
Qualified fees include Ed Service, Technology, Student Union, Activity, Health Service Fee, Field Placement, Off Campus Support and Recreation fees. Non-Qualified fees include room and board. Books are also not included in Box 2.
Box 3.     This box will not be checked. Our reporting method has not changed.
Box 4.     Shows any reductions in charges that were reported on a prior year 1098-T.
Box 5.     Shows the total of all scholarships, grants and waivers processed by SU in 2017. Note that most Spring 2017 charges were posted in 2016 and would not be included in Box 2, however, most Spring 2017 grants and scholarships were posted in 2017 and, therefore, would be included in Box 5. This could result in amounts in Box 5 being larger than Box 2!
Box 6.     Shows any reductions in scholarships, grants, or waivers that were reported on a prior year 1098-T.
Box 7.     If this box is checked, the amount in Box 2 contains charges posted in 2017 for the Spring 2018 semester. 

To request a duplicate 1098-T, visit ECSI’s website at Instructions for logging in once you are at the ECSI site are as follows:

  • Select the option on the Heartland ECSI home page "Click here" after Want to view your tax form?.
  • Type in "Shippensburg University" in the School Name field.
  • Click on Shippensburg University to select it and click Submit.
  • Enter First Name, Last Name, SSN, and Zip code in the required fields. (The information entered must exactly match the information Shippensburg University has on file.)
  • Check the box for "I am not a robot" and verify the information requested by the website. Once completed, click Verify. (You may not be asked to verify information, it will depend on the internet browser you are using). 
  • Click Continue.
  • The Tax Document Information window appears listing the tax forms.
  • Click on the + sign to the right of the delivery status to provide the tax form detail, as well as printing options.
  • Click View/Print Statement link under the 1098-T statement header. (Please turn off the pop-up block on your web browser for the 1098-T to appear.)

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