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Winter Semester Information

Winter 2014 Tuition & Fees (per Credit)

Online PA 
Tuition:  $284 $290
Technology Tuition Fee $18 $27
Educational Service Fee $30 $30
Total Cost Per Credit:
$332 $347
Total Cost for 3 Credit: $996 $1,041

Online PA 

Tuition:   $454 $463
Technology Tuition Fee $24 $36
Educational Service Fee $71 $71

Total Cost per Credit: $549
Total Cost for 3 Credit: $1,647 $1,710

The total cost of each three credit 2014 winter online class is as noted above. Registered students will receive an email at their Shippensburg University email account from Student Accounts to view and pay their bill online.

For more information about Winter online courses, visit

Refund Policy for Dropped Courses

Students are not charged for any courses dropped during the "drop period" at the start of the Winter term.

  • Winter 2014 POT 1 - last day to drop for 100% refund - 12/16/14
  • Winter 2014 POT 2 - last day to drop for 100% refund - TBA
  • Winter 2014 POT 3 - last day to drop for 100% refund - TBA
  • Winter 2014 POT 4 - last day to drop for 100% refund - TBA

There is NO REFUND for individual courses withdrawn after the drop period if still enrolled in Winter term.

Refund Schedule for Winter 2014

The following refund schedule applies to a full university withdrawal or leave of absence for Winter 2014 i.e. this only pertains if you are withdrawing from every online course you are taking during Winter 2014: 

Refund/Reduction in charges:

12/15/14 - 12/16/14
End of Drop period (12/17) - 12/18/14
12/19/14 - 12/20/14
12/21/14 - 12/23/14
12/24/14 - 12/26/14
12/27/14 - after

Tuition technology fee, advance deposits, orientation fee, common damage fee, field placement fee and off campus support fees, if charged, are non-refundable. 

Refund Policy for Winter 2014 Courses in Varying Parts of Term

( Does NOT apply to course withdrawals, only full term withdrawals i.e. this only pertains to withdrawals from all courses in the applicable term

Early or late starting courses which begin and end on the following dates of Winter Term 2014 will be refunded based upon the portion of the enrollment period completed at the time of withdrawal. 

Part of Term: 1 - Full Term 2 3 4
Part of term begins
& ends:

Refund Percentage: Last date to
Last date to
Last date to
Last date to
100% 12/16/14

80% 12/18/14

60% 12/20/14

50% 12/23/14

40% 12/26/14

0% After 12/26 After After

Drop or Withdraw from a Winter Class

It is a student’s responsibility to officially drop or withdraw from a course for which they have registered, whether or not they have ever attended that class.  If a student does not attend class and does not officially drop or withdraw, their name will remain on the class roll until the final grading period, they will receive a grade of "F" for the course, and they will be charged for the course.  This applies to online and face-to-face classes alike.

Students Who Are Registered for TWO Winter Courses:  Students who are registered for two winter classes can drop or withdraw from all but their last class through MyShip at To drop or withdraw from their last winter class, students should complete the Withdraw Request Form at Request Form/.

Student Accounts reserves the right to bill at the correct rate, according to the policies of the Board of Governors of the State System of Higher Education.