The Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) is located in the Office of the Dean of Students, 210 Old Main.  The office is responsible for addressing student misconduct that occurs during a student’s enrollment at Shippensburg University.  Misconduct includes behavior that occurs on the campus, and can include infractions outside the campus community.  The office files and maintains incident reports, schedules and conducts hearings, issues sanctions and gathers pertinent data.  The OSC is supervised by an Associate Dean of Students/Director of Student Conduct, with the assistance of an administrative assistant and graduate assistant.

Philosophy of the Student Conduct System

The basic philosophy of discipline at Shippensburg University is based on education. The student conduct proceedings are not intended to be legalistic or punitive in nature. Rather, the procedure emphasizes the growth and development of each individual student, and encourages a respect for the rights and privileges of others. The focus is on teaching students how to live harmoniously and productively within a diverse and dynamic academic community. As a result, it is hoped that students will develop better decision making skills, a better understanding of their responsibilities to the Shippensburg community, and increased personal insight.

Shippensburg University Student Code and Conduct Process Preamble

Shippensburg University is an academic community whose membership includes faculty, staff, students and administrators.  The community exists for the pursuit of learning, the transmission of knowledge, the development of students as scholars and citizens, and ultimately, for the general well-being of society.  Freedom of inquiry, speech, action, and expression is indispensable in the attainment of these goals.  Academic freedom is at the cornerstone of the enterprise. 

Students, as members of the academic community, are encouraged to engage in a sustained, critical, and independent search for knowledge.  The University community supports this endeavor by developing policies and procedures that safeguard the freedoms necessary for the pursuit of truth and knowledge.  The University will strive to protect these freedoms so long as they do not interfere with the rights of others in the community.  Behavior that interferes with the living conditions, co-curricular activities, working environments, teaching mission, research activities, study conditions, and/or administrative functions of the University is unacceptable. 

With freedom come duties and responsibilities.  A student who exercises their freedoms as a private citizen and member of the academic community -- whether individually or as a member of a group --- must assume full responsibility for their actions.  All Shippensburg University students must abide by local, state, and federal laws and with all published University policies, procedures, rules and regulations.  Violations of laws and regulations will subject the person to disciplinary action by the University and/or the appropriate civil or criminal court. 

The University student conduct process attempts to teach civic principles within the context of the academic mission.  The process views students as adults, and as such, expects them to be aware of applicable local, state, and federal laws.  Students are also expected to understand their rights and responsibilities as outlined in the student code of conduct process of the University.  The student conduct system strives to provide a fundamentally fair process through the prompt and equitable resolution of code of conduct complaints, and should be viewed as separate from the civil and criminal court systems.  As such, the University may initiate an investigation and proceed with adjudication within the scope of its authority, responsibility, and jurisdiction.

Authority and Responsibility

This code is promulgated according to Act 188, the enabling legislation for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.  Specifically, the legislation grants the University President the power and duty to “establish policies and procedures for the admission, discipline, and expulsion of students . . .” The Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the President’s designee for the general oversight of student conduct and discipline matters.  Specific responsibility for the administration of discipline and conduct matters is delegated to the Dean of Students.  The Dean of Students may further delegate responsibility to various judicial bodies and administrative staff.  The President of the University has final authority in all matters related to student conduct and discipline.

In accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, it shall be the policy of Shippensburg University to prohibit the harassment and discrimination of students on the basis of sex.  Furthermore, the university’s obligation is to provide educational programs and activities that do not discriminate on the basis of sex.  The University will promptly investigate all allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment, or discrimination and will take appropriate corrective action, up to and including formal discipline, against individuals who violate the University’s policies.  The Title IX Coordinator for the university is located in the Office of Social Equity.  The Title IX Coordinator will have oversight responsibility for Title IX issues that arise in student code of conduct matters. However, both the Office of Social Equity and the Office of the Dean of Students will serve as a location where sexual misconduct complaints can be filed.


Shippensburg University students are subject to the provisions of the student code of conduct while on University premises, and when involved with off-campus programs, activities, and events related to or sponsored by the University.  Students are also expected to follow the tenants of the student code of conduct when privately off-campus.  Alleged off-campus student code violations having, or potentially having, a direct, detrimental impact on the University’s educational functions, its community members, or the local municipalities is subject to adjudication within the campus student conduct system.  University student conduct boards and officers may hear alleged violations of the student code of conduct as follows:

A. For full and part-time undergraduate and graduate students if the alleged violation occurred when the person was enrolled at the University or confirmed for the next semester/session.

B. For persons enrolled in University sponsored programs that do not require traditional course registration.

C. For persons currently suspended from the University for disciplinary or academic reasons and/or persons who are on an official leave of absence.

D. For registered student organizations, fraternities, and sororities.  In these instances, both the group and responsible individuals may be adjudicated within the student conduct system.

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    Student Conduct

    Shippensburg University believes strongly in providing a fundamentally fair student conduct process.

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    Free Speech and the Code of Conduct

    As an academic community, Shippensburg University is committed to maintaining a campus environment that fosters the free exchange of diverse ideas and allows individuals to express their viewpoints in a variety of ways.

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    Harassment, Hazing, Sexual Misconduct and Violence

    Shippensburg University is committed to establishing and maintaining a learning and working environment that is safe for all members of the campus community including students, staff, faculty, administration, and visitors.

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    Academic Policies

    As a student of Shippensburg University, you will need to understand and follow all academic policies and procedures in order to successfully complete your course of studies.

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    Drug and Alcohol Policies

    The Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act require Institutions of Higher Education to develop a written policy that describes standards of conduct that clearly “prohibit, at a minimum, the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on its property or as part of any of its activities.”

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    Residence Hall and Apartment Policies

    Shippensburg University is committed to the protection of students’ right to privacy within the confines of their assigned residence hall rooms or campus apartments. This right to privacy is balanced by a responsibility to insure the health and safety of the university community.

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    Electronic Communication

    Access to the university’s computing/information network facilities and resources is a privilege granted solely to Shippensburg University faculty, staff, registered students, those with special accounts, and individuals using public access computers.

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    Religious Observance Policies

    It shall be the position of Shippensburg University to respect the principle of the separation of church and state, while promoting and encouraging a climate of dignity where individuals are not discriminated against or treated differently because of their religion or national origin.

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    Traffic, Parking and Self-Balancing Scooter Prohibition

    A copy of the University parking rules and regulations is available to each eligible person when he or she registers his or her vehicle with the Shippensburg University Police.