Student Research Grant Program Details

Undergraduate Research Grant Program (UGR) 

  • Accepting proposals beginning 9/8/2015
  • Application deadline 10/9/2015 by 5:00 PM
  • Awards announced first week on November 2015

Graduate Research Grant Program (GR)

  • Award funding will be split between semesters 
  • Fall - Accepting Application 9/8/15 thru 12/8/15
  • Spring - Accepting Application 1/19/16 thru 4/19/16
  • Proposals will be accepted until the available funding per semester has been awarded.  

Minds@Work Conference

  • 4/19/2016 - Save the date!
  • Registration opens 1/11/2016
  • Registration deadline 2/23/2016
  • Formerly the Celebration of Student Research Conference

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Research Grants 

Institute for Public Service
Old Main 202
Phone: (717) 477-1251
FAX: (717) 477-4053

General Information 

Dr. Marc Renault
SU Council on Student Research
MCT 287
Phone: (717) 477-1234

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Dean's Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Research

Becker, Wendy WSBecker@ship.edu
Braun, William (Turi) WABrau@ship.edu
Bucher, Pamela PSBuch@ship.edu
Cella, Laurie LJCella@ship.edu
Connelly, Neil NOConnelly@ship.edu
Crochunis, Thomas TCCroc@ship.edu
Dieterich-Ward, Allen AJDieterichWard@ship.edu
Drenovsky, Cynthia CKDren@ship.edu
Feeney, Thomas TPFeen@ship.edu
Frielle, Thomas TFrielle@ship.edu
Johnson, Karen KGJohnson@ship.edu
Klein, Kim KMKlei@ship.edu
Lang, Eveline EMLang@ship.edu
Lee, Jeonghwa JLee@ship.edu
Lee, Shannon sl0684@ship.edu
Lehman, Marcie MLLehm@ship.edu
Lyman, Michael MJLyma@ship.edu
Martin, Pat PLMart@ship.edu
Mike, James JHMike@ship.edu
Mitaut, Blandine BMMitaut@ship.edu
Moll, Kirk KAMoll@ship.edu
Olejarski, Amanda AMOlejarski@ship.edu
Paulson, Gregory GSPAUL@ship.edu
Pierce, Gretchen GKPierce@ship.edu
Pitts, Virginia (Jenny) VEPitts@ship.edu
Pomeroy, George GMPome@ship.edu
Renault, Marc MSRenault@ship.edu
Rimby, Susan SRRIMB@ship.edu
Seibert, Ashley ACSeibert@ship.edu
Siahaan, Freddy FSiahaan@ship.edu
Sipes, Carrie CASipes@ship.edu
Stewart, Richard RLStew@ship.edu
Thomas, Nathan NEThomas@ship.edu
Wonders, Christopher CAWonders@ship.edu
Zaleski, Curtis CMZaleski@ship.edu