The 2014 Celebration of Student Research Conference

    • *2014 Conference Program
    • Keynote address: April 21, 7pm, Memorial Auditorium. Kent Meyers from Volvo CE will speak on Volvo CE – A Global Approach to Research & Innovation
    • Student posters and presentations: April 22, 3:30-8:00 in the CUB 

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    Research Grants 

    Institute for Public Service
    Old Main 202
    Phone: (717) 477-1251
    FAX: (717) 477-4053

    General Information 

    Dr. Marc Renault
    SU Council on Student Research
    MCT 287
    Phone: (717) 477-1234

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    Faculty Registration Form

    Use the Faculty Registration Form to organize

    • Student Oral Presentations (Department or Program-Organized), 
    • Department Panel Presentations, or 
    • Concurrent Roundtables

    Tab or use mouse to move from field to field. Enter will leave form.

    If you have questions about the registration process, call the IPS office at 477-1251.

    Information from this form will be published in the Celebration of Student Research program and on name badges. Please make sure all information is entered completely and spelled correctly.

    Note: The conference scheduling committee will try to accommodate all schedules; we cannot guarantee that scheduling overlaps will not occur in some instances.

    All fields containing red asterisks (*) are required fields for submission.

    Which type of session are you registering?  

    /uploadedImages/Ship/Research-Students/OralPresentation.jpgStudent Oral Presentations: This type of session consists of students delivering talks to an audience. We will schedule students 20 minutes apart unless we receive other instructions from you. Presentations may relate by discipline, but not necessarily be related by a specific theme.



    Department Panel Presentations: This type of session consists of a panel of several student discussants at the front of the room, and a moderator. The moderator (who could be a faculty member or student) opens the session with an introduction then turns the discussion over to the panel members. Throughout the session the moderator keeps answers on track, makes sure that all panel members get to speak, and may field questions from the audience. 

    Present roundtableConcurrent Roundtables: In this type of session, several students present their work simultaneously at different locations in the same room (at round tables, of course), and the audience splits itself up among the presenters. When the student presentations end, the audience members move to a new speaker and the students repeat their presentations to the next group that gathers around them. If there are four student speakers speaking simultaneously, you might plan for them to repeat their talks two, three, or four times. In this type of session we cannot provide a computer and projector to each student. However, an outlet and an easel can be arranged.

    Faculty Organizer(s) for this Session  
    * Lead Faculty Organizer:    
    Last Name *   First Name *  
    Department *

    Email *    
    Faculty Organizer (two):  
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    Faculty Organizer (three):  
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    Faculty Session Moderator:  
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    The Department or Program Sponsoring the Session:  
    Title of Session:  
    Abstract for the Session:  

     DO NOT hit the return button. The abstract must be entered as a single paragraph with wrap around text. Proofread Carefully! This abstract will be printed in the program as it is entered. The registration form has a 1000 character limit, which includes spaces. This program will not accept your form if abstract is over 1000 characters.


    Student Presenters:  

    If you are registering a session of student oral presentations, simply list all the presenters, in the order in which they should appear.

    If you are registering a department panel session, list the panel members below. The first name that is listed will be taken as the name of the panel moderator. Leave the “Presentation Title” field blank.

    If you are registering a session of concurrent roundtables, list the presenters below. We will contact you separately to discuss logistics.

      Presentation Title Last Name First Name Email  
      Class Status:         
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      Class Status:        

    If more than fifteen student presenters, please contact IPS at psbuch@ship.edu or 477-1251.

    Audio visual needs?  

    All rooms used for panel sessions and oral presentations will be equipped with a lectern, laptop, projector, and screen.

    Other AV needs  
    Accessibility needs?  

     Time and Space Estimates

    Please estimate the total amount of time that this session will require. We generally recommend 20 minutes per student presenter (15 for the talk and 5 for questions and to set up the next speaker), but different sessions will have different needs.


    Please estimate the room size that this session will require.



    Please double check all information for accuracy before submitting.