The 2014 Celebration of Student Research Conference

    • *2014 Conference Program
    • Keynote address: April 21, 7pm, Memorial Auditorium. Kent Meyers from Volvo CE will speak on Volvo CE – A Global Approach to Research & Innovation
    • Student posters and presentations: April 22, 3:30-8:00 in the CUB 

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    Research Grants 

    Institute for Public Service
    Old Main 202
    Phone: (717) 477-1251
    FAX: (717) 477-4053

    General Information 

    Dr. Marc Renault
    SU Council on Student Research
    MCT 287
    Phone: (717) 477-1234

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    Graduate Research Program 2013-2014
    Application Form for Graduate Research Funds

    IPPSP will start excepting GR proposals on September 4, 2013. Graduate Research funding will continue to be awarded throughout the 2013/2014 academic year until all funds are exhausted.


    • Tab or use your mouse to move from field to field
    • Answer all of the questions and review your answers for accuracy before submitting.
    • Contact Pamela Bucher in the IPSSP office at psbuch@ship.edu if you have any questions or consult the Graduate Research Grant Call for Proposals.

    *Indicates a required field.

    Student Researcher Information  
    * First Name: 
    * Last Name: 
    * Email Address: 
    * Student ID Number: 
    * Phone Number at which you can easily be contacted:  
    * Degree Program: 
    Research Project Information:  
    * Project Title:   

    Email PDFs of your 3 page narrative, completed budget form, AND support letters from your academic department chair person and your faculty advisor to Pamela Bucher at psbuch@ship.edu.

    For additional information regarding proposals and funding see the 2013-2014 Call for Proposals for Graduate Students.

    Please review form for accuracy before submitting.