Since 2006, Professor Ben Culbertson (Art Department) has been collecting all of the waste vegetable oil on campus and making biodiesel. He has hand fabricated a set of collection containers that are in use at every dining facility on campus. In 2010, Professor Culbertson embarked on a project with several ceramics students to design, build and test a biodiesel-fueled burner system to fire ceramics kilns. To date, they have successfully built and fired a 30 cubic foot kiln to 2,350 degrees F using biodiesel. The work of Professor Culbertson is saving money for Chartwells, SU's food service vendor, saving energy, and reducing SU's carbon footprint


         The first load of finished ceramic work fired in Prof. Culbertson's biodiesel kiln.


                    cffd                             Professor Culbertson is an active advisor of S.U.'s Environmental Club, Culbertson     and 2013 Environmental Club president Sarah Komisar present a biodiesel mug.


     Biodiesel ceramics and bicycle ceramics are sold at the annual Earth Day Festival.