SU Recycles

Single Stream Recycling

Shippensburg University has a comprehensive recycling program called Single-Stream Recycling. 

ANY of the following materials can go into the pictured bins:

mixed paper, newspaper, corrugated cardboard (flattened), glass bottles, aluminum cans, steel containers, and numbers 1 through 7 plastic containers can be put in any container with a Clear plastic bag.

The University also provides a commuter single stream recycling drop-off location which is located in the parking lot of the Steam Plant on North Prince Street labeled CPW.



Look for bins with the Clear plastic bags:



Electronic Recycling


What can I drop off?

The S.U. Technology Support Center desk accepts accept old desktop computers, monitors, laptops, peripherals (keyboards, headphones, mice, etc.), batteries, cell phones, tablets, game consoles, and many other items.

Where are the Drop-Off Locations?

Computer Electronics

You can drop off any electronic equipment that you would like to have recycled at the Shippensburg University Technical Support Center which is located in the Ezra Memorial Library on campus.

Printer Toner Cartridges

BuildingDrop-off Location
Ceddia Union Building  3rd Floor Slate Office
Ezra Lehman Library By Lab Printers
Franklin Science Center 1st Floor Psychology Lab
Gilbert Hall 1st Floor Vending Area
Grove Hall 1st Floor Computer Lab
Horton Hall Entrance of Women's Center
Math and Computing Technologies Center In Computer Lab 054
Old Main Stewart-side Entrance
Roland/Shearer Hall Outside Roland 200
Reed Operations Center Outside Conference Room
Stewart Hall Right-side of Entrance-way
Shippen Hall 1st Floor Hallway
Wright Hall Right-side of Entrance-way

                               Printer Cartridge Drop Off Bins:


For more detailed information on electronics please visit:

Recycling FAQs

How do I know my recycling gets recycled?
Recycling is collected in clear bags, while trash is collected in dark bags. Clear and dark bags are transported together to a waste facility where they are sorted and handled appropriately. 

What if my recycling is being put in a dark trash bag?
Fix it! Contact the Custodial Service Manager (x1453 or to get this issue resolved.

What if there is trash in the recycling bin?
Up to 25% of trash contamination is tolerated in each recycling container. Exceeding that amount results in the recyclables being thrown away.

What if SU doesn't recycle something that I want recycled?
Look on-line and find out where you can take your item to be recycled. There are several recycling facilities surrounding SU, including Big Spring Recycling Depot and the New Hope Recycling Center. See for more details.

Where can I go to find more information?
Questions about recycling on campus should be directed to the Custodial Services Manager, Physical Plant, 477-1453, or