Sustainability in the Residence Halls

The Shippensburg University Housing and Residence Life Sustainability Committee's mission is to plan for the long term maintenance of environmental impact, social awareness, and economic opportunities. This committee will use tools such as education and reduction initiatives that allow all of the Shippensburg University community to participate in the goals developed by the committee. We will ensure Housing and Residence Life is a leading example in making the department greener by increasing student engagement in sustainable programs and activities. We will achieve this through goals included below.


o Reduce paper use as a means of doing administrative processes

o Develop and implement electronic forms for processes and procedures

o Communicate and enforce a system of email based correspondence

o Social awareness

o Increase student involvement in green initiatives and programs

o Coordinate donation opportunities that will benefit the greater Shippensburg community

o Work with other campus groups and departments that share our vision

 Economic opportunities

o Create and implement energy conservation methods in on-campus residence halls, suites, and apartments

o Reduce paper and printing through moving towards electronic administration, communication, and reporting

o Providing training and skill growth opportunities for professional, administrative, and student staff to be able to provide labor more efficiently

StewardSHIP Week, 2016 - Calendar of Events:

·  Saturday (April 16) – South Mountain Clean-up Michaux Forest

·  Monday (April 18) - Forum, Panelists, and Moderator

·  Tuesday (April 19) – CCEC Clinic in the CUB/LLC Service Projects Day at SPO

·  Wednesday (April 20) - Earth Day, International Studies Film Series: Age of Stupid Grove Forum (7:00PM)

·  Thursday (April 21) - Farm Day

·  Friday (April 22) – Facilities Day – Environmental Steering Committee

·  Saturday (April 23) – Ship-Shape Day 

Arbor Day Celebration

April 29th, 2016, 2:00pm: Tree planting event on campus (near Burd Run, next to the soccer fields)

Spring 2013 residence life planted over 50 trees throughout campus and Shippensburg community. In 2015, over 100 trees were planted! Stay tuned for the 2016 event!

Spring 2014 Residence Life Civic Engagement Committee created an entire day of service where, immediately following the Arbor Day celebration, a highway clean up took place.       


2013 and 2014 End of Year Collection Program


Since 2013, Residence Life has teamed up with the company Recycle Local to divert materials from being sent to the landfill at the end of each semester. Materials collected include clothing, appliances, kitchen items, travel equipment, games, decorations, sporting equipment and school supplies. 4,112 pounds of material were saved in 2013!