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Alumni Spotlight: Kelly Christ

kelly1) Tell us about your current job.

I currently work for CBS 21 News in Harrisburg as a News Assignment Editor. My daily responsibilities involve a lot of communication with the public as well as my colleagues including: producers, editors, reporters, and photojournalists. Every day is exciting but also a challenge. I truly enjoy what I do.

During my day, the station receives many press releases for the seven counties that make up our viewing area. My job requires me to go through the releases we receive in order to assist producers in deciding what will be put on our broadcasts.

I am also responsible for being aware of any breaking news situations going on in our viewing area and assigning reporters and photojournalists to respond.

Communication is imperative to my success as an Assignment Editor and I believe that my education at Shippensburg, including my minor in Technical and Professional Communications, has prepared me to handle the challenges I now face.

2) Did the minor help you in finding a job after graduation?

As a Technical and Professional Communication minor, I learned many things that still benefit me today. My knowledge of HTML started when I decided to take on the Technical and Professional Communication minor. Since college, I have been involved in administering updates to my company's site and am confident in my skills.

3) What are some skills you use in your current job?

Efficient communication within and outside of my station, social media updates, and website updates.

4) What advice do you have to undergrads/current minors?

My advice to undergraduates and current minors is to take advantage of all the opportunities and resources that Shippensburg provides. The organizations that provide hands-on experience can improve your resume and are very valuable in the long-run. In my experience, professors have opened doors for me by being references for career opportunities. Prove your work ethic to your professors and they will support you in your future.


Spring 2016 EAPSU Undergraduate Conference:

Against the Current

Calling anyone who feels like making some noise! This year the EAPSU Undergraduate Conference is looking for writers, poets, ANYONE who likes to challenge the status quo...beg for more answers...and go against the current. Please click this link for more information:

If you are interested in presenting or just going to the conference please email Dr. Kungl ( or Alexandra Jones, her assistant, ( This conference is a wonderful opportunity to network, put your work out there, and just have fun! This conference can teach you so much no matter what major or minor you have.

  • Submission deadline for proposals is February 19, 2016.
  • The actual conference is being held in the Alumni Hall at Mansfield University on April 1, 2016 from 8:30am until 4:30pm.
  • If you arrive on March 31, 2016 there will be an open-mic night open to all faculty and undergraduate conference participants hosted by the EAPSU keynote speaker Cameron Conaway ( Conaway is a true example of what it means to go against the current. The open-mic night will be from 7pm until 9pm in The Hut (located on Mansfield campus).
  •  There is preference for SU students who are accepted to present at the conference to be funded by the Technical/Professional Communications (T/PC) department. If you are funded by the T/PC department that means your $25.00 registration fee is covered and overnight accommodations.* However, this all still applies for students who just simply want to go but not present -- as stated ealier preference is for you to present!

Please keep checking in here for updates about the conference.

*Room accommodations can only be made if a certain amount of students go on the trip.


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Communications Minor
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