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Carla T. Kungl
Associate Professor, 
Director, Technical/Professional
Communications Minor
1871 Old Main Dr.
Shippensburg, PA  17257
In the English Dept. at
DHC 007

The Office for Technical/Professional
Communications is located in
Wright Hall 210

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Student of the Semester:  Meet Miles Sherman


1) Why did you decide to declare the minor?

When deciding which minor I was going to declare I took a few things into consideration.  I looked at other minors and decided they weren’t as broad as I would have liked.  The Technical/Professional Minor easily adapted to my desires and it allowed me to take classes that would serve a purpose after college.  I was able to structure my schedule so I could learn everything I needed to in my allotted time.  

2) Why would you recommend the minor to your friends?

I would recommend this minor to anyone that would like to sharpen their skills in more than one area. I was able to combine my Journalism/ Communications major with supporting classes such as ethics and graphic design.  I think it is a great minor to further your knowledge in your current major.

3) What's been your favorite class thus far?

So far my favorite class has been Graphic Design I; it is an entry-level class that lets the student explore their talents and ideas.  I have always had a desire to design and learn more about the concept but it has never been available until now.  I highly recommend this class with Professor Redding; she does a great job teaching the basics to any student that is new to the editing programs.

4) How do you see the minor helping in your future career?

In my future career I hope to be a Media Coordinator or a Media editor to begin with.  So far, the skill-building and research practice I learned in Technical Writing has been a great asset.  I learn new skills each day with Graphic Design and hope to take all of my tools to my future career.

--Interveiw by Kaitlyn Howard