Faculty/Staff Help Desk FAQs

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Location & Contact Info

  • * Where is the Faculty/Staff Help Desk Located?
    • The Shippensburg University Faculty/Staff Help Desk is part of the Computing Technologies Center and is located in MCT 071 on the first floor of the Mathematics and Computing Technologies Center.

  • * What is the phone number to the Faculty/Staff Help Desk?
    • - On-campus phone: Dial extension 4357 and choose Option 2
    • - Off-campus phones & cell phones: Dial (717)-477-4357 and choose Option 2
    • - A Faculty/Staff Help Desk Support Technician will answer the call during business hours.
    • - Users calling in after hours will need to leave a detailed message that includes their name, a phone number where they can be reached, and a brief description of the issue.

  • * What is the e-mail address for the Faculty/Staff Help Desk?
    • - The Shippensburg Faculty/Staff Help Desk e-mail address is helpdesk@ship.edu.
    • - This e-mail address is checked multiple times throughout the day even over the summer months.

  • * When is the Faculty/Staff Help Desk open?
    • - The Shippensburg Faculty/Staff Help Desk is open Monday through Friday during the week. The hours are as follows:

      Monday 7:00am - 5:00pm
      Tuesday 7:00am - 5:00pm
      Wednesday 7:00am - 5:00pm
      Thursday 7:00am - 5:00pm
      Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm
      Saturday Closed
      Sunday Closed

  • E-mail Questions

  • * What type of e-mail system is used on campus?
    • - On-campus PC machines use Microsoft Outlook.
    • - On-campus Mac machines use Microsoft Outlook.
    • - Off-campus machines use Outlook Web Access by going to https://mail.ship.edu and logging in with your University credentials.
    • - Off-campus machines may also use Outlook Anywhere if Microsoft Office version 2007 or later is installed. See the Outlook Anywhere Setup Guide for more information.

  • * How do I access e-mail from home or a computer off-campus?
    • - Off-campus machines use Outlook Web Access by going to
      https://mail.ship.edu and logging in with your University
    • - Off-campus machines may also use Outlook Anywhere if
      Microsoft Office version 2007 or later is installed. See the
      Outlook Anywhere Setup Guide for more information.

  • * How do I change my password?
    • 1. Open Internet Explorer on your computer.
    • 2. Browse to http://password.ship.edu
    • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password
    • 4. Click here for password requirements (also found on the password
      • - 8 character minimum length
      • - Must include 3 of the following 4 categories:
      • 1. Uppercase Letters
      • 2. Lowercase Letters
      • 3. Numbers
      • 4. Special Characters
      • - Password CANNOT have part of your name or id

  • * How can I e-mail my entire class?
    • 1. Open Internet Explorer with your on-campus computer.
    • 2. Log into the Faculty Information System ( http://info.ship.edu)
    • 3. Select the option to e-mail your entire class
    • 4. Your computer will automatically launch your e-mail program
    • 5. Compose your message and click "Send" to mail it to your entire
  • * How can I e-mail a larger list of people?
    • - The size limit for a distribution list is 160 addresses. If your
      intended audience is more than 160, it is recommended that
      different methods are used such as a personal website posting,
      blackboard, FACT newsletter, or a direct mailing.
    • - When sending an e-mail to a list smaller than 160 addresses, you
      can follow these steps:
    • 1. Type our name in the "To:" field
    • 2. List your recipients' names in the "BCC:" field (you may
      need to click the "arrow" to the right of the "Options"
      button to get the "BCC:" field to appear if you do not
      see it).
    • 3. This method will allow only you (the sender) to see replies
      to the message, even if "Reply All" is mistakenly used.

  • * How do I access junk messages and SPAM filter settings?
    • - By default, suspected SPAM messages are quarantined automatically
    • - You can access your SPAM settings by browsing to https://barracuda.ship.edu/
  • * Why do I receive messages from people that I haven't sent e-mail
    to stating that I sent them infected e-mails?
    • - Viruses and spammers forge "From:" addresses with an address
      pulled from a victims contact list.
    • - Therefore, your machine is most likely not infected.
    • - Since these types of infections are usually not found in
      University-owned machines, there is nothing we can do to stop
      your address from being forged on the infected machine.
    • - If you are unsure if your machine has an active infection, please
      contact us: helpdesk@ship.edu or x4357
  • Network File Storage Questions

  • * How do I access my network files from my office computer
    • Method 1
    • 1. Open "My Computer"
    • 2. Double-click the "T:\ drive"
    • 3. Drag and drop files to the T:\ drive
    • Method 2
    • 1. Open your "My Documents" folder
    • 2. Open the "My Network Documents folder"
    • 3. Drag and drop files to the "My Network Documents" folder

  • * How do I access my network files from another computer
    • 1. Log on to any network-connected PC on campus using your
      University-provided credentials
    • 2. Open "My Computer"
    • 3. Double-click the T:\ drive
    • 4. Access your network storage files

  • * How do I access my network files from my home computer
    • 1. Open Internet Explorer
    • 2. In the address bar, type: https://anchor.ship.edu
    • 3. You will be prompted for your login information
    • 4. Enter your Ship email address and password
    • 5. Click "OK"
    • 6. Click on the + next to S-Drive or T-Drive to expand the folders
    • 7. Access your network files

  • * What types of files can I store in my network storage?
    • - Any business-related data files
    • - Storing personal data is not supported

  • * How much space do I have to store items in network storage?
    • - Each faculty/staff member is given 20GB worth of network storage
    • - You will see a warning message when your file space becomes full
    • - If you receive the message, you will need to cleanup your files to
      create more space for saving additional files

  • * How do I check to see the space I am currently using in network
    • Method 1
    • 1. Open "Computer"
    • 2. Click once on your "T:\ drive"
    • 3. Directly below the drive name, you will see the space available
    • Method 2
    • 1. Open "Computer"
    • 2. Double-click your "T:\ drive"
    • 3. Click the "Edit" Menu
    • 4. Click "Select All"
    • 5. Right-Click on any one of the files
    • 6. Click "Properties"
    • 7. View the size to see how much space you are using

  • * How secure are the files I store on the network?
    • - No faculty, staff, or students have access to the files on your
      network space UNLESS you allow them access to a machine that
      you are currently logged on to.
    • - To prevent this from happening, ensure that you log off a computer
      when you are finished using it.
    • - Only you can access your files from off-campus due to the
      requirement of your individual University-provided login

  • * Are my files in network storage backed up automatically?
    • - All files in network storage are backed up by the CTC
    • - The server runs backups daily to ensure data is restored if
    • - You may always take additional steps to back up your data to
      your personal devices such as a USB drive, CD,-R/DVD-R or
      portable hard drive. However, these files will be accessible
      to anyone who may be using the device.
  • Printing Questions

  • * How do I print exactly what I see on my computer monitor?
    • 1. Ensure that you have everything you would like to print on you computer screen
    • 2. Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard
    • 3. Your screen should print to your default printer
    • 4. If it does not, try the following methods:
    • Method 1:
    • 1. Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard
    • 2. Open Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Paint (either will work
    • 3. Click on "Edit" at the top of the program, and select "Paste"
    • 4. Click on "File" at the top of the program and select "Print"
    • Method 2:
    • 1. Click on "Start"
    • 2. In the search box, type in "U:\NETAPPS\PrintKey
    • 3. In the window that opens, double-click "PrintKey20"
    • 4. Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard
    • 5. Click "Print" from the PrintKey20 window

  • * How do I print labels?
    • 1. Open a new document in Microsoft Word
    • 2. Click "Mailings" on the menu bar
    • 3. Click "Start Mail Merge" on the panel
    • 4. Click "Labels" from the drop-down list
    • 5. Choose the label type/manufacturer and product number
    • 6. Click "Ok"
    • 7. Click "Start Mail Merge" on the panel
    • 8. Click "Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard"
    • 9. Click "Labels"
    • 10. Click "Next: Starting Document" at the bottom of the wizard
    • 11."Use the current document"
    • 12. Click "Next: Select recipients" at the bottom of the wizard
    • 13. Click "Use an existing list"
    • 14. Click "Browse"
    • 15. Browse to the file from which you would like to make labels
    • 16. Select the file and click "Open"
    • 17. Choose the second file in the "Select Table" window and click "Ok"
    • 18. The Mail merge recipients box appears
    • 19. Click "Ok"
    • 20. Click "Next: Arrange your labels" at the bottom of the wizard
    • 21. Click "Address block..."
    • 22. The "Insert Address Block" window appears
    • 23. Click the "Match Fields" button
    • 24. Choose names to correspond to your mail merge information
    • 25. Click "Ok"
    • 26. Click "Ok"
    • 27. Click "Update all labels" in the wizard
    • 28. Click the "Next: Preview your labels" at the bottom of the wizard
    • 29. Click the "Next: Complete the merge" at the bottom of the wizard
    • 30. Place your labels in the printer tray (ensure they are placed correctly)
    • 31. Click "Print"
    • 32. Save your file if you would like to use it in the future
  • Windows Questions

  • * How do I place/restore an icon to my desktop?
    • 1. Click "Start"
    • 2.View "Programs" or "All Programs"
    • 3. Right-click on the program you would like to place on your desktop
    • 4. Click "Copy"
    • 5. Right-click on your desktop
    • 6. Click "Paste"
    • 7. There will now be an icon on your desktop for this program
    • 8. Double-click the new icon to open the program

  • * How do I change the way my desktop looks?
    • 1. Right-click on the "Start" button
    • 2. Click "Properties"
    • 3. Ensure you are on the "Start Menu" tab
    • 4. Select "Classic Start Menu"
    • 5. Click "Ok"
  • Network Questions

  • * How do I log on to the Shippensburg Network?
    • 1. Restart your work computer
    • 2.Enter your University-provided user id into the login box
    • 3. Enter your password
    • 4. You should be able to access the network drives (S:\, T:\, U:\)
    • - If you are unable to log on to the network:
    • 1. Check to see if the network cable is plugged securely into the wall
    • 2. Check to ensure that the network cable is plugged securely into
      the back of your computer and the lights next to the plug are blinking.

  • Software Questions

  • * How do I purchase a copy of Microsoft Office?
    • - All SU-owned computers have Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 (for PC) or 2011 (for Mac) already installed
    • - Microsoft Office 2011 Professional Edition(for Mac) and 2013 (for PC) are available for purchase at the Bookstore for home use by Faculty and Staff (SUID required).

  • * How do I install newer versions of softare?
    • - A Help Desk Technician will be able to install software updates
    • - Please contact the Faculty/Staff Help Desk to schedule an appointment
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