Personal Web Sites for Students

All Ship students have the ability to create and host a personal web site for academic purposes. is the web server utilized for this purpose. The web server platform is Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

** Please note that any web pages created on the student web server are subject to computer usage guidelines as presented in the Swataney Student Handbook. **

Web site creation instructions

  • Using on-campus lab computers
    • Save your web site files in your My Documents folder in the subfolder named My Website
  • Web browser
    • Use your web browser to access
    • Log in with your Ship e-mail address and password
    • Click on T-Drive
    • Open the My Website folder and upload your files here
  • FTP or a web publishing utility, such as Adobe Dreamweaver
    • FTP server hostname:
    • Directory: My Website
    • Use your Ship e-mail address and password to log in

Create the homepage of your web site by naming your first file default.htm

This is the file that will display automatically when your web site is accessed by visitiors. Other valid default content page names include: index.htm, default.asp, and default.aspx

Accessing your personal web site

Your web site will be accessible using the following URL address:

(replace "userid" with your user name, which is the first part of your Ship e-mail address)

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