Wireless (Wi-Fi) Access on Campus

Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) is available campus-wide in all academic buildings, residence halls, and even in many outdoor areas.

Connect to Wi-Fi

To connect to Ship's wireless network:

  1. Choose the "Connect to network" option on your computer. In Windows, this can be found by clicking the Wireless icon in the system tray (beside the clock), or on the menu bar on a Mac.
  2. Choose ship from the list of available networks.
  3. Open your web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and browse to the page of your choosing.
  4. If this is your first time connecting, you will be re-directed to the network registration page. Enter your Ship e-mail address and password to register your device.

shipsecure Secure Wireless Access

Shippensburg University now provides shipsecure, a wireless network that enables an encrypted connection to our servers and the Internet. While on campus, you will see two available wireless networks. The first will be the University's current open wireless connection (seen as ship), while the second will be the secure wireless connection (seen as shipsecure).

shipsecure provides protection against password, identity, and data theft. The secure wireless connection is the recommended connection for users who have this option available to them. In order to connect to the new secure wireless network, users will need to follow the walkthroughs below based on the operating system they are using.

Setup Instructions

Click on the links below to view walkthroughs for setting up shipsecure on your device...

Wireless Map


# Building Description
49 Conference Center Coverage in Main Lobby and Conference Rooms
28 Ceddia Union Building Coverage Throughout
34 Etter Health Center Coverage Throughout
22 Ezra Lehman Library Coverage Throughout
36 Franklin Science Center Coverage Throughout
3 Gilbert Hall Coverage Throughout
36 Grove Hall Coverage Throughout
10 Huber Arts Center Coverage Throughout
30 Heiges Field House Coverage Throughout
5 Henderson Gym Coverage Throughout
2 Horton Hall Coverage Throughout
12 Kriner Dining Hall Coverage Throughout
8 Memorial Auditorium Coverage Throughout
35 Math and Computing Technologies Center Coverage Throughout
23 Martin House Coverage Throughout
1 Old Main Coverage Throughout
48 Performing Arts Center Coverage Throughout
21 Reisner Dining Hall Coverage Throughout
7 Roland/Shearer Hall Coverage Throughout
13 Reed Operations Center Coverage Throughout
31 Seth Grove Stadium Outdoor Coverage
39 Spiritual Center Coverage in Most Offices
4 Stewart Hall Coverage Throughout
50 Student Rec Center Coverage in Main Exercise Areas
9 Shippen Hall Coverage Throughout
18 Wright Hall Coverage Throughout
33 Seavers Apartments Coverage Throughout
29 Mowery Hall Coverage Throughout
15 McCune Hall Coverage Throughout
16 Keifer Hall Coverage Throughout
17 Lackhove Hall Coverage Throughout
19 Naugle Hall Coverage Throughout
20 McLean Hall Coverage Throughout
McLean Hall II Coverage Throughout
Presidents Hall Coverage Throughout
41 Stone Ridge Coverage Throughout
Outdoor Coverage Coverage Outside the Following Buildings: Seth Grove Stadium, The Student Rec Center, Ezra Lehman Library, Franklin Science Center, Shippen Hall, Horton Hall, Old Main, Presidents Hall, Kieffer Hall, Lackhove Hall, Seavers Hall, McClean2 Hall, Ceddia Union Building, and Robb Field
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