Testing Overview – English (writing)

First-Year Student Testing Requirements

  • Testing is required in English (writing) if your writing SAT is below 445

English Placement Essay

The English (writing) placement test is designed to provide sufficient writing skills to fulfill undergraduate writing requirements. You will earn a placement in the writing class that best meets your needs based on your performance on the English Placement Essay.

You will write an essay on a topic upon which you have some general knowledge. You need not make any special preparation for this essay. Simply, focus on writing as well as possible. You will have the opportunity to create outlines, maps, or rough drafts. Only your final copy will be evaluated.

English faculty members will review your essay. They will evaluate your ability to understand and respond to the assignment, to write a coherent and reasonably well-organized essay, and to control errors.

Students who would benefit from smaller classes and remedial instruction will earn a place in ENG 050: Basic Writing. Upon successful completion of this course, students must then complete ENG 106: Writing Intensive First Year Seminar, the required composition course for graduation.

Students who earn a college level placement will be placed into ENG 106: Writing Intensive First Year Seminar. More advanced writers may be invited to enroll in ENG 110: Advanced Placement Writing.

Check out the Placement Testing Review for resources to help you prepare for the English (writing) placement test.

See the Guidebook for Advising Undergraduate Students for more information on General Education Requirements and major-specific requirements.

English Placement Results

If you place into a Developmental (Basic) Writing course, you will be notified by the English department. You will also be able to obtain your English (writing) placement results during orientation.

You may wish to contact the Director of Composition in the English department to obtain your results ( www.ship.edu/English). Please be advised that it may take a few weeks to score your essay.

It is important that you complete any placement testing requirements early so that you can obtain your results and remediate prior to beginning classes at Ship if necessary. You must also complete testing BEFORE attending orientation so that you can obtain your placement testing results and schedule courses on that day.