The appropriate math course is determined by the student’s math placement level and intended major. The math level  (PLML 0-6) reflects the course(s) the student is currently eligible to take. 

  • Level 0: Students at level 0 have not completed placement testing and must work with the Placement Testing Office before they will be able to schedule any Math courses.
  • Level 1: Students at level 1 must take MAT050 – Developmental Math before they may register for any other college-level math course. 
  • Level 2: Students at level 2 must take MAT050 – Developmental Math if they are in a math-intensive major. Students in other majors who are at level 2 or higher may register for MAT105 – Math for Liberal Studies, MAT107 – Mathematical Models Applied to Money, MAT110 – Fundamentals of Mathematics I, or MAT117 – Applied Statistics.
  • Level 3: Students at level 3 in math-intensive majors may register for MAT140A – College Algebra. This course is a 4-credit version of College Algebra that moves more slowly and is more appropriate for students at a lower math skill level.  
  • Level 4: Students at level 4 in math-intensive majors may register for MAT140B – College Algebra. This 3-credit course is the standard College Algebra course at Shippensburg.
  • Level 5: Students at level 5 in majors requiring MAT211 – Calculus I must register for MAT175 Precalculus before they can take MAT211. Students at level 5 or higher in majors requiring MAT181 – Applied Calculus (mainly business) may register directly into MAT181 – Applied Calculus. Students at this level or higher are encouraged to consider MAT217 – Statistics I instead of MAT117 – Applied Statistics.  Note that MAT217 is required if they are interested in a Data Science minor.
  • Level 6: Students at level 6 in math-intensive majors may register for MAT211 – Calculus I. They may still be required to take further math courses afterwards, depending on their major.

Students with higher college testing scores (SAT-M and ACT) will be assigned a placement level between Level 4 and Level 6.  If a student feels prepared for a higher level course, they can ask to be enrolled in the MyMathTest system to challenge their placement through the Office of Placement Testing (  This is a free, online option which focuses on review, as well as testing for placement.