Developmental Placements

Developmental courses do not count toward graduation. However, these credits are included in determining a student’s class standing, and the grades are computed in the student's GPA.

If placing into any developmental course, continue reading for further information and options.

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to remediate any developmental placement BEFORE beginning classes at Ship. In order to successfully move on to the college level, students must earn a grade of “C” or higher or its equivalent. Those who earn below a “C” must repeat the course the next immediate semester.

Frequently, students who test into a developmental level do not sufficiently review prior to testing. Please access and review all available resources.  

It is important to take placement test(s) as early as possible so that you have time to remediate before beginning classes at Ship if necessary. 

Math Options
Math placement test scores can fall into one of six categories. Students who test into Level 1 (and some who test into Level 2) are required to pass a developmental math course and earn a grade of “C” or higher before they can take a college level math course.

Different majors will have different math requirements. To help you make sense of your math requirements see the Guidebook for Advising Undergraduate Students to view math General Education Requirements as well as major-specific math requirements as well as the Math flow chart

Please see the link below that corresponds with your math placement score:

Below is a list of Developmental Math courses that can be transferred from other institutions:

Developmental Math Alternative Locations