Placement Testing Review – Math Review

Why Students MUST Review for Math Placement Testing

Developmental courses do not count toward graduation therefore it is imperative that students review before testing. For the math test, review Algebra I & II material. Students should spend at least 5 hours reviewing for the math placement testing.

Math Placement Testing Using Accuplacer

Shippensburg University offers computerized placement testing in math via ACCUPLACER, a test created by the College Board. No special computer skills are necessary to take these tests. If you feel uncomfortable about computerized testing, a computer tutorial is available via

Preparing for the Math Placement Test

The primary reason students do not do well on the math placement test is that they do not review. To review Accuplacer's overview for students, select this Link.

The math test emphasizes basic algebra. Many students unfortunately believe that this information will return to them at testing. You should plan on a minimum of 5 hours of review. Please review the following to ensure your basic algebraic math skills:

Additional Math Review Resources

Comprehensive Math Review. This free virtual math lab provides complete Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and College Algebra courses equivalents as well as ACT/ACCUPLACER and GRE math tutoring programs. The math review also has a self-testing portion that operates similar to Accuplacer as it will modify the questions asked based upon which answers are correct. Please note that you will be required to write down the answers for the questions to compare with the answer sheet. The post-test information includes detailed work solutions to the problems provided.

Ted's Teaching web site. Dr. Ted Panitz is a Mathematics teacher at Cape Cod Community College. Ted provides various reviews on this page as well as links to documents from developmental review classes Elementary Algrebra and Intermediate Algebra. To effectively use the review classes, attempt to complete the chapter tests. They are the last files at each chapter and are titled similar to Chapter 1 Form E. If unable to complete any question, go to the chapter materials and study the concepts that apply to the test question.

See the Math Placement Testing Overview for more detailed information about the Math placement test.